How To Grow A Meaningful Social Media Following

It’s one thing to learn how to grow a social media following, which can happen quite quickly. However, it’s another thing altogether to build a following relevant to your brand and product.


It’s also very easy to get pulled into the allure of doing something wild like buying followers. However, trust us on this – it’s just not worth it. Social platforms are extremely against purchasing followers, and take action if they suspect that you have.

If we think about Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, all three platforms work hard to build a user-based community. This is even more prevalent with the introduction of their latest algorithms. For instance, these prioritise friends and family content, as opposed to brand content.

Now, how on earth do you build a meaningful following? We’ve pulled together some tested tips on how to grow a social media following effectively.


Engaging content

Sounds simple right? It can be, if you know what you stand for, or hope to achieve with your audience. If you think about what they want to see, ahead of your own objectives, you’re starting off well! This is the first step on how to grow a social media following.

Video is taking the lead as the most engaging content, continues to grow in influence. Consider including captions and subtitles on your videos, as the majority of viewers do not play with the sound on. On Facebook, it’s 85%!

Think about content that jumps out at you in the feed. Vibrant colours and visually pleasing content will encourage interaction, which ultimately means more followers and likes.



A great way to interact and source a steady flow of content is sharing images and links from other relevant accounts. By crediting the post’s original owners, you are celebrating their views and expression. What’s more, you’re also tapping into their own following.

Crowdsourcing is a great method on how to grow your social media following, using content that has already proven results. As a result, it will reach a wider, like-minded audience.


Personality building vs. ‘Sell, sell, sell!’

It can be infuriating when brands use social media solely to sell – it’s just not what the platform stands for!

You’ll hear people mention the 80/20 rule, which helps you understand a healthy content split. Ensure 80% of your content is focused on building your brand’s personality and community. Then, for the other 20%, promote your products and services.

Users are most likely to connect with a brand that they feel they can relate to. Therefore, this is what you should be considering first. Understand who your audience is and what they enjoy – and then give it to them!


Consistent content

You’ll learn via trial and error just how much content your followers like. Whatever that turns out to be – perhaps once or twice per day – ensure you’re consistent.

For example, if you pledge to post on a particular theme every Friday, commit to it. We’re all creatures of habit and, as consumers, we need to be able to trust that businesses will deliver before we buy into them. Building that trust is how to grow a social media following.

Read more on how to build the best content distribution strategy here.


Use of hashtags

Hashtags are a proven answer to how to grow a social media following. Identify which hashtags are relevant to your business and identity, and don’t hold back. Furthermore, monitor the effectiveness of the hashtags you are using. Then, continue to research which tags are trending at that point in time.

Don’t be afraid to use more than a handful of hashtags as you grow your audience. Just ensure that they are relevant to the content you are producing. Don’t tag #motivationalmonday on a Friday with a picture of a loaf of bread – it’ll be clear there’s no link! In addition, the consumer will question the legitimacy of your content and account.


Monitor interest and follower signals

This is a manual task, but a very effective one. Look at your competitors and who their followers are. Engage with them, and identify whether they show signs of following and providing consistent support. You can see this in their feed activity, in their bio, and in their ‘followers’ to ‘following’ ratio.

Also – don’t be afraid to follow first. Many businesses don’t enjoy the idea of following as many accounts as are following them. However, when you’re working on how to grow a social media following, it takes you to make that step and build that connection.


Start a conversation

Go through your feeds and like and engage on topics that are relevant. Leave genuine and personal messages on images and posts. The larger your personality, the larger your social media imprint. If you’re wondering how to grow a social media following, this will really take it to the next level.


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