How 3D Animation For Marketing Could Blow Up Your Brand

3D animation for marketing opens up a whole world of possibility in visualising the impossible.

Before 3D animation, companies with intangible services used to twiddle their thumbs thinking of ways to bring their customers closer to their products.

Now, today’s global 3D animation market is expected to reach $28.3 billion by 2025.

We’re about to tell you how you can harness this in your marketing to take your brand to the next level.

(No 3D glasses required for the reading of this post.)

What is 3D animation? 

3D animation is the creation of three-dimensional digital moving images, as opposed to two-dimensional.

The most obvious difference is that 3D animation has a lot more depth and dimension, because it’s made to look like a real-life object.

3D animation usually involves the stages of modelling, layout and animation, and rendering. Some 3D animation techniques include appearance modelling, texturing, and arena building.

To create animation, the 3D models or objects are carefully manipulated to produce movement.

What can brands use 3D animation for? Virtual tours, product demos, sales presentations, training, gamification... to name but a few.

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Why should I use 3D animation for marketing?

3D animation helps to visualise products you can’t actually come face-to-face with.

Picking up a product in a shop is effective simply because you can actually feel it in your hands and see all the changing shadows and glints of light.

In 3D animation, this is all possible. (Apart from the touch and smell aspects, unfortunately. Maybe they’re working on it.)

What makes 3D animation unique is that it can visualise something you can’t easily encounter. You are also able to make things move however you want, at whatever speed, to get the perfect effect.

This places 3D animation for marketing above live filming. The latter is often more difficult, more expensive, or sometimes simply impossible.

With 3D animation, you have the creative freedom to achieve your goals without even leaving the office chair.

What’s more, 3D animation’s accessibility has increased over the years.

Here’s a handful of other great reasons why you should consider 3D animation for marketing:

Motion is the best way to communicate complex ideas.

If a viewer can sit back and watch how something works, such as the biological processes inside the body, it’s often a lot clearer to them by the end than if they were given a 5-page written explanation.

Nothing is too big or too small.

Want to have an elephant in your video? What about a microorganism? Planet Earth? All of these objects, in their completely realistic forms, are possible through 3D.

3D animation is great for instructional videos.

Did you know that 4 in 5 customers have said they need to know how a product works before they think about purchasing it?

3D animation allows you to bring the viewer up close with your brand’s product. It will also be able to provide clear step-by-step instructions for how to use it or how it operates.

Some examples of this are mechanical assembly, product demos and training.

3D animation is renewable.

You’re able to refine or recycle your animations if the idea changes.

You’re also able to use an abandoned animation for a new project.

It’s applicable to anything.

Any company, industry, sector, or product can use 3D. This is because the possibilities of what it can visualise are endless.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. That’s all great, but let’s not ignore the elephant in the room.

Will 3D animation actually increase my sales?

The answer is a big fat YES! All of these things and more lead to increased customer conversions.

How will 3D animation for marketing increase my sales?
3D animation helps improve brand recall.

A realistic, detailed 3D animation helps to reaffirm a brand’s identity. The vivid design will also make it easily remembered.

You can advertise 24 hours a day.

Your 3D animation could represent a piece of machinery that’s not accessible to the general public, or simply a product that is shut in a shop at night.

If you put it in a video in 3D and share it online, your potential customers can view it any time they like. If they’re comfortable at home, they’re even more likely to be in the mood for purchasing.

3D animation is eye-catching…

…and therefore more memorable.

3D animation for marketing allows marketers to beautify their product in the light they want their audience to see it in.

As a result, it will catch the attention of your audience amongst the same-old content. Then, a user might want to show the 3D animation to their friends or revisit the video later.

Bingo – more views and engagement!

3D animation is shareable.

Similar to the above, that WOW factor on someone’s feed makes it way more likely for the video to be shared. People want others to witness what they just witnessed!


A 3D animation is no small feat.

A brand using 3D animation for marketing proves their product is credible, informs viewers in an immersive way, and impresses with the talent needed for the job.

3D animation can revolutionise your brand and how the world sees it: more colourfully, more vividly, and more REAL than ever before.

At Stada Media we are capable of achieving this for you with talented animators in-house to bring whatever you want to life. It all starts with a conversation. Let’s talk.

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