How A 3D Animation Video Company Can Boost Your Marketing

A 3D animation video company can do a few things for your business that will seriously blow your mind.


Firstly, their work will wow your customers like they’ve never been wowed before. Secondly, they’ll dramatically cut down your time spent answering questions about your products. Thirdly, their work can make pretty much any product feel exciting.

In this post, we’re going to go into these benefits in a little more depth. We’ll also throw in some 3D animation examples for good measure.


3D animation impresses audiences, inviting them back for more

3D animation simply takes the cake in terms of wowing an audience. Therefore, it’s this response that brings all the knock-on effects in your sales and customer relationships.

The detail you can offer with 3D really impresses customers and invites them into your world with the click of a button. Furthermore, the possibilities are endless. You can create entire new 3D worlds for your brand to live in, making your business memorable and exciting.

For example, check out this 3D animated Christmas advert we produced for Coral Windows:

Not only does it use super appealing 3D, it also takes the viewer through a storyline with lovable characters. What’s more, it subtly features Coral Windows’ products – doors and windows – throughout. As a result, it continues to bring viewers back to the brand.


3D animation adds excitement to ‘boring’ products

Struggling to get your product across in an interesting way? Doesn’t it just feel like no matter how you talk about it or frame it, it’s still just a little bit dry?

Well, 3D can save the day (again). A 3D animation video company can take your product and elevate its appeal using moving 3D imagery. For example, take a look at this new product reveal we created for industrial packaging manufacturer Ezi-Dock:

It’s no secret that their products are very niche and only properly understood by those in the industry. However, 3D can cut through all of this and produce an enticing result for any viewer to enjoy.

Taking inspiration from Apple adverts, we aimed to make the product look as sleek and attractive as possible. For example, we used realistic light reflections and a mysterious dark background.

The main reason why 3D animation has this effect on any and all products is that it brings the product closer to you. You can almost touch it through the screen. The line between digital and reality blurs; as a result, audiences feel like they’re being invited into a new world when they click play!


3D animation improves customer understanding

With complex products, there’s also the issue of understanding. It’s hard to explain exactly what a complicated, niche product does without literally showing it. That’s why this 3D animation explainer video we created for Ezi-Dock works so well:

The video walks through how the product works, step by step, using ultra-realistic 3D animation.

When you improve customer understanding, you also boost satisfaction and minimise queries. As a result, your customers are more likely to buy from you again; you’ll attract new customers quicker; and you’ll have more time to focus on parts of your business other than customer service.


3D animation saves time

Similar to above, a 3D animation video company can save you bags of time in the long run. They’ll create a video that answers all your customers’ questions itself. As a result, you’ve posted your video, you don’t need to worry about your inbox being flooded with questions. Only sales!

This also means that you’re able to continue creating 3D animation videos. In turn, you’ll continue the cycle of good communication, happy customers and guaranteed sales.

Furthermore, a 3D animation company can also save you time in the sense that they do all the work – more on this below.


A 3D animation video company does all the work for you

It’s ok – you don’t need to be a 3D expert to have a 3D video under your belt. You simply need to hand it to the experts to look after, while you focus on growing your business.

A 3D animation video company (or a company that does all types of video production, like ours) has all the tools. What’s more, it’s only these expert tools that will get you results. Trust us – if you try it yourself and you’re not an expert, you won’t get the results you’re after.

Again, having this external team to hand the work to will lift a huge weight off your shoulders. However, the best bit is it’ll still deliver the same outcome for your business. Doesn’t that sound ideal?


Why not hire a 3D animation video company and see where they could take your marketing? With the enticing benefits of 3D listed here, it would be rude not to!


If you’re interested in 3D animation along with a pick of the whole video production bunch, get in touch with Stada Media. We’re experts in bespoke video for companies across the UK, specialising in video across the board from live-action to animation to live streaming. We can’t wait to get stuck into your business.

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