How Can Video Marketing Help My Business?

Have you been waiting for a sign that you need to improve your marketing? That one lightbulb moment that tells you how to make the next leap? Well, this is it. Video marketing is the single most powerful tool you could equip yourself with to transform your business.


But why is this? It’s not simply because video is entertaining (although that’s a big part of it!). In fact, there’s a lot more to video than meets the eye – and ear.


Video marketing can help your business in 4 main areas: communication, branding, SEO and sales. We’ll be going through these areas one by one in this post.

The magic of video marketing means that a single video can cover all of these areas simultaneously. From this, it’s clear that video is definitely worth the effort.

Speaking of effort, though, you don’t even have to put that in! When you outsource your video marketing to a professional video production company, everything becomes easier. They know their stuff, they’ll work within your budget, and you’re free to focus on your business.


So what direct impacts will video marketing have on your business?

Let’s start with communication.


Video marketing improves your business communication


Video is a very engaging medium, which means that the viewer is going to retain a lot more information. This has benefits on both sides of your business: external AND internal.


Communication with customers

What you’re trying to tell your customers about your business will be a thousand times easier with video. It means they don’t have to sift through webpages or documents. It also means they’re easily engaged throughout. As we’ve just mentioned, this results in viewers retaining a much higher percentage of the content.

Communicating with customers through video marketing can also ease the pressure on Frequently Asked Questions. In return, you’ll be able to keep the focus on more complex queries.

Finally, this is one for those of you who are planning to share your video on social media. If you’re not, unless your target audience is those who are less likely to use it (e.g. elderly people), you definitely should. People spend a LOT of time on social media, and you need to utilise this to get your content in front of them.

Videos on social media achieve 1,200% more shares than text and images alone. Your audience’s followers are likely to be in a similar, if not the same, audience as them. As a result, videos will expand your reach at a higher rate than other mediums.


Communication with your employees

Do you need to train your staff on some new technology, explain a new process, or make an announcement?

Video is the ideal solution because your employees can play it again and again. This means there’s no chance they’ll forget information, like they may have done after a meeting in person.

What’s more, you may even be able to reuse the video for years to come when new employees join your business.


Video marketing improves your branding

Brand personality

Due to its combination of sight, sound and emotion, video can bring out personality unlike anything else.

It’s even more effective than the most convincing conversation with the CEO. Through colour, music, voiceovers and motion, you feel more deeply what the brand is all about.


Brand credibility

Having a great quality video in your arsenal tells your audience that your work is at a high standard. In addition, by using this engaging medium it shows that you’re dedicated to your communication with them.


Company culture

A large part of growing your business is recruitment. You can help this along massively with video marketing.

For example, sharing live-action footage of your team collaborating and having fun is effective in attracting candidates. This is because it shows them your company culture – what life will be like if they work for you.

As well as recruitment, showing your company culture can also help to attract new clients or shareholders. If they see how well you work together, they’re likely to assume they’ll enjoy working with you too.


Video marketing improves your SEO ranking

Google loves video

If you have a video on your website, you’re more likely to rank high on Google. Google prioritises video because it’s a quick, convenient and engaging way of getting the answer you need.

To improve your video marketing SEO further, make sure your videos are answering popular search queries in your field. This way, your video is more likely to be given Featured Snippet position at the top of the results.


Video is another way to target keywords

You can help to target your desired keywords through video in two ways:

·   Video description – transcribe the entire video in your video description so you’re still capturing those important keywords.

·   Closed captions – ensuring your video has closed captions also does the work in telling search engines what’s in your video.


Video marketing boosts your sales

Conversion rates

Including a video on your homepage you can increase conversion rates by 20 percent or more.

There are a few reasons for this. As we’ve already mentioned, audiences tend to retain a lot more information from a video than from other mediums. This makes it more likely that it’ll stay on their brain, resulting in an itch to obey the call to action.

Also, videos are a lot better at explaining products and services. An engaging video that explains a particular product or service is more likely to convince a potential lead than a piece of text.



Lastly, a further reason is one we’ve already raised in the section above – video improves SEO. If we return to the stat about videos on homepages, this is also partly so successful because these pages will rank higher on Google. We all know that people are more likely to want to save precious time by clicking on the first couple of results, if not solely the very top one.


Video marketing can take your business to a whole new level of excellence. Just compare a business’ website that uses quality video with one that relies on reams of text. It’s clear which one is moving forward in their marketing and which one is stagnated.


If you want to chat to us further about using video for your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Stada Media are video marketing experts with a track record of growing businesses with video.

If it’s more video marketing insights you’re after, head to our blog – you’re spoilt for choice!

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