How Do Content Writing and Video Production Work Together? An Interview With Our Content Writer Beth Gordon-Taylor

When thinking about video marketing, it’s easy to forget the surrounding work that goes into it. For example, content writing. Content writing and video production accompany each other everywhere they go. This is true whether the writing is within the video itself, or outside it.


We spoke to our very own Content Writer, Beth Gordon-Taylor, to shed some light on writing for a video production company. Beth writes all kinds of copy that goes out of the agency. Her writing adds that extra value to the service we provide for our clients.


blog - how do content writing and video production work together? an interview with our content writer beth gordon-taylor


How long have you been a Content Writer? When did you start out?

I did my first bit of content writing when I wrote for my uni newspaper, about 4 years ago in my first year. Then I freelanced for an Edtech company for a while in my second year of uni, so that was 2 years ago. Stada Media is my first full-time role in content writing, so it’s been a fun learning experience!

I didn’t know I wanted to do content writing until I went to a few interviews for more marketing-focused roles. My heart wasn’t completely in a marketing assistant role, because I wanted to be wholly creative. I used to write stories when I was little, print them off and staple them, so it’s always been there.


What do you enjoy the most about content writing?

I enjoy taking what I have in my head and turning it into a structured and engaging ‘thing’ that people can consume. I also like bringing out the best in anything I’m writing about by using the right tone and language.


What do you find most challenging about content writing?

Sometimes you’re tempted to write in your own style because that gets the job done quicker, but it takes more thought to nail down a specific voice for a brand.

Also, sometimes you’ve got a long piece to write and you just can’t keep up the momentum. My top tip there would be to just chip away at your longer tasks, or you’ll lose energy for them. Coming back with fresh eyes is always effective.


What do you do to spark inspiration?

I read other people’s writing. If something’s already been published online, it’s obviously gone through a lot of stages to get to the quality it’s at, so that’s the best thing to look at I think. I also draw mind maps – for some reason, writing by hand is sometimes more effective than typing.


Where do you write best?

In a quiet environment, listening to music I’ve never heard before – that way I’m not distracted and singing along (or worse, chair dancing).


In your opinion, how do content writing and video production work together?

Visuals are obviously really important, and video can achieve a lot of things on its own. However, if you’re going to have words anywhere in or outside the video (like in an Instagram caption), you need them to be just as polished. This is especially if you don’t have a voiceover and the communication is partly through words on the screen.

You also just need content writing to communicate your services and company to your clients. It goes beyond the actual videos we create. If our online presence isn’t up to standard creatively and in quality, how will our clients trust us to produce something amazing for them?


What is your favourite thing to write in your role?

I enjoy writing longer-form stuff, like blog posts, because I can flex my creative muscles a bit more.

Aside from writing, I love creating bold social media graphics on Canva. I get that feeling of excitement about sharing what I’ve created, which is always great.


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