How Do You Make A YouTube Video Go Viral?

Uploaded to YouTube just a couple of weeks ago was this amazing composition by the famous Piano Guys which mashes together Adele-Hello and Mozart-Lacrimosa; which compliment each other beautifully.

Chances are, you’ve seen the video pop up on your social media feed, as since it was published it’s enjoyed a rapid journey through the profiles of many a thousand social media users.

The video has a very JJ Abrams feel to it, due its use of blue, stylised lighting and cinematic atmosphere. We also like the use of practical lighting inside the bow. 

The use of mirrors in this piece is what caught our eye – it ensures a lovely frame composition. Time mapping is also used to create effective layers. It’s as if different slices of time appear in different mirrors.

But we’re not talking about this video because of its composition, or lighting… Or the fact that it’s a fantastic rendition of Adele’s already-ubiquitous new hit. We’re talking about this video because, in a little under two weeks, it has had 5 million views.

5. Million.

It is, essentially, a video that has gone viral. So, how do you make a YouTube video go viral? What’s the secret? Let’s take a look.


What Makes A Successful YouTube Video?

You’ll probably know by now, with YouTube having been around for quite some time, that video content doesn’t have to boast high quality production values to be successful. Hell, some videos are even popular BECAUSE they are so low-rent.

As a video production company, that’s pretty hard for us to admit. But, we will caveat that by saying that if you want a successful YouTube video that represents your business, don’t go for low budget. It’ll kill your brand, and you’ll forever be seen as cheapskates. 

It’s actually the content of the video that really matters, though. If you want to have a successful YouTube video you need to create something people actually want to watch, and then share with their friends.

Firstly, you need to have an attention-grabbing intro. Whatever the start of your video is, you need to ensure you convince the viewer to keep watching. If you’re presenting a product or solution in the video, try to begin with a problem if you can. The relevant audience can then relate to the video – building trust – and will value your solution to the problem when you roll it out in front of their very eyes.

Make sure, if you have music, it enhances the viewing experience, rather than detracts from it. And if there’s a presenter or voiceover, make sure they’re clearly audible.

Overall, make sure your video is engaging, entertaining and goes easy on the hard sell.

And when your video’s done – share the hell out of it! On social media, your website, email campaigns… Wherever you can think of.

Bear in mind, though, that a successful YouTube video also depends on timing, want and need. And, of course, what you define as ‘successful.’ If you’re thinking you can pull in 5 million views in two weeks for a video about your latest kitchen surface cleaner, you may need to lower your expectations, or be super-creative with your execution.


How Do You Make A YouTube Video Go Viral?

Of course, there’s a video ‘being successful’ – and there’s a video ‘going viral.’ Many companies will want a viral video as part of their marketing plans… But having a video go viral is even more dependent on that thing we mentioned just now – ‘timing.’

Very much like your action plan for having a successful YouTube video, to make your YouTube video go viral you’ll want to consider the following tips.

Use emotion. We talk about using emotion in video marketing in this blog post – and nowhere is it more vital to use emotion than in a video you want to go viral. You need to include something in your video that prompts a reaction from your viewer. That way, they’re more likely to like, comment and share your video… And the process of ‘going viral’ will begin.

Plan out how you share it. We’ve already talked about sharing your video on social media platforms, via email campaigns and on your website… But to give it an extra boost you may want to consider paid advertising to reach a wider audience, as well as reaching out to media outlets, celebrities and even directly contacting your followers and asking them to share it. This will take time, of course, and the success of these approaches will always rely on the strength of your video.

And, like we’ve mentioned, consider timing. Aligning your video’s message with current events will help massively here; but you’ll have to be quick, as there’s a good chance there’ll be dozens of other people, just like you, jumping on the same topic or news story.


How To Make A Great Video

The video itself will need to be created by someone with at least some level of technological adeptness – and you’ll need to be creative.

Of course, as a video production company, we really should suggest, at this stage, that you speak to us. Even if you have an idea for a video that you want to go viral, we can help turn it into reality. And, provide some assistance and guidance on sharing and promoting your video. So, what are you waiting for?


Ready to discuss your idea for a video? Or know you need a video but need someone to provide the creativity? Just give us a call and let’s start your video journey!

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