How Long Does The Video Production Process Take?

When thinking about getting a video created for your business, it’s natural to be protective of your time. Time is money, after all – and there’s always the worry that you’ll waste it. However, making sure the video production process doesn’t fall miles behind schedule is a give and take between client and video production company.


It’s incredibly difficult to give a concrete answer to ‘how long does the video production process take?’ because video projects are like snowflakes: they’re all completely unique.

Besides, you likely clicked on this post with your specific project in mind. That’s why we’ve written it – to settle your concerns on how long YOUR project is likely to take. Not everyone’s, not just some people’s – yours.

Before we get into the factors that might affect the length of the video production process, let’s first talk about the key stages of every video project. These lay the foundations for (VERY ROUGHLY) how long you can expect the corporate video production process to take – before the other factors come in to shake the table!


The stages of video production



Pre-production involves the initial building of your video concept, research, scripting, casting, finding locations and all the conversations in-between.

This is the stage of the video production process that has the biggest impact on how long it will take. This is because the more and the better you plan your video, the more streamlined the project will be.

For example, you may go to your video production agency with your video concept already nailed down. As a result, this will make the pre-production process go quicker. Meanwhile, often businesses go to video production companies with nothing but an inkling. This will always take longer, because the video production team needs to build up an original concept from scratch.



Depending on the project, production is usually scheduled to take a certain amount of time; for example, two days.

However, video production companies always turn up expecting the unexpected, and sometimes a shoot ends up lasting longer than planned.

If the video is animated, the same still applies. Issues usually pop up without warning, so the animator’s job is to try to solve them without compromising on time.

Obviously, the big factor that will impact the length of production is the length of the video itself. We’ll talk more about project complexity later on.



Post-production is often where video projects get caught up in the brambles of editing and amends. It can be tempting to go over time or budget in post-production; you just want to change that little thing.. and that.. and that.

We get it – you want your video to be perfect. So do we! However, the trick is getting the video to the best it can be WITHIN the budget and timeframe set out in pre-production. That’s what video production companies are experts at.

What’s more, the untrained eye can get the significance of edits very wrong.

“Sometimes, what I or our clients think is a small change, often isn’t. Video production is complicated and our team is amazingly talented. I’m regularly blown away by what they do.” – Our Account and Project Manager, Matt


If you’d like more detail on the stages of video production, click here for our full blog post.


Factors that can affect the length of the video production process


Think of these as the four Cs: Complexity, Cost, Capability and Communication.

These are the things that can lengthen OR shorten your video production process depending on how much you’ve got of each.



How complex a video brief is can make the world of difference to how long the corporate video production process will take.

If it’s not very complex at all, it can make what might usually take longer, go a lot quicker. Your video production team is likely to say, ‘Oh great, we’ve got lots of experience in this, so this brief makes it a quick job’.

For example, if we’re talking about the explainer video production process, that’s usually quite simple. It’s normally a short motion graphics video with a voiceover and music.

On the other hand, if you go to your video production agency with a very complex brief, it’s going to take them longer to plan, prepare and pull it off with the resources they have. (We’ll talk more about resources in a minute.)

For example, you might want a longer video filmed in different locations and using different filming techniques. Naturally, this is going to extend the video production process.



If your video quote is higher than average, this means your video is going to be more complex to make. This means it will take longer.

In addition, your video production company will need more time to ensure the video lives up to the standards of what you’re paying.

In reverse, however, if you don’t pay as much for a video, this often means it will take less time to make.

Learn more about video production costs here.



The capability of your video production agency to complete your video quickly often relies on the availability of resources.

This could include kit, props, performers, locations, or team members.

It’s ideal to go to a video production company who you know has a good amount of resources to play with. Beyond this, they will tell you what they’re capable of producing, in what amount of time.



As we mentioned at the beginning, a video project is a two-way street between client and video production company.

There needs to be clear and smooth communication about concepts, amends and anything else throughout the video production process. Otherwise, this will delay the finishing date further by adding on constant edits.

Basically, the more communication done at the beginning, the less likely it is that you’ll need to go over time making lots of amends. The standard in the corporate video production process is first edit, second edit, and sign off. Hopefully, not much more than that!


We hope you’ve taken away some useful insights into the video production process from this blog. Now you can approach your video production company with clearer knowledge on how long your video might take. Having this awareness helps everyone!


Think we could be the video production company for you? It all starts with a conversation. Talk to Stada Media today about our bespoke video production services.

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