How Much Does It Cost To Produce A 5-Minute Video?

How much does it cost to produce a 5-minute video? Good question.


The easy answer is probably, how much do you have to spend?

It’s likely that video production costs far less than you expect. We’ve covered video production costs in a previous blog post, but here we’re going to look at the variables that affect the investment level if you’re considering a 5-minute video.

Using video is an extremely effective way of promoting or explaining a product or service. In fact, 72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service by watching a video

And it doesn’t need to be a Hollywood blockbuster to be an effective marketing tool (although at Stada we can certainly go to those lengths!). But there is usually a fair bit of work that goes into any video, whatever the length or level of complexity. 

The cost to produce a 5-minute video depends on a multitude of variables – and each one will have an effect on the price you pay. Let’s go through everything that’s taken into consideration when video production costs are being worked out, that will ultimately affect the end price.


How complex is the story?

What do you want to articulate in the video? The more complex the message, the longer the creative may take to put together. And, the longer the planning may take.

Pre-production – the preparation that goes into the filming of a video – is as important as the shoot itself. This includes running through ideas and creating a script and storyboards for the video.

At this stage we’ll also plan out locations, find models, actors and voice talent, and build the look and feel of the video. We always check in with our clients during this process to make sure they’re happy with the direction the video is taking.

Typically the planning, scripting and storyboarding can be a couple of weeks, but it can really take anywhere up to a month to prepare if it’s a more complex idea. The length of the pre-production process can add to the cost of the video, of course.


Do you want to use high profile actors?

A well-known face or voice in your video can transform your brand image – but the likes of Kevin Bacon or Owen Wilson will be way out of most people’s marketing and advertising budgets.

That’s not to say any celebrity is completely out of reach – sometimes you’ll find it’ll cost less than you think. But if the person (or people, if you need more than one) you’re using in the video is a professional, particularly a recognisable one, it will affect the end price.


Is the video animated?

On the other hand, animated videos can be hugely impactful. Animation can especially help when a product or service is a little more complex, and slightly more detailed explanation is required.

Check out the EMIS Health and AI Summit videos on our video examples page to get an idea of how animation can tell a story extremely effectively.

Animation can in many cases cost a bit more than standard video, because the graphics can take time to create – and then animate. But, again, the cost of an animated video will mostly depend on how complex the message is.


How long will the video take to shoot?

Getting a video right takes time – and any good video production company should be aiming to get the very best result for you.

The more days a video takes to shoot, the greater the cost of this part of the process.

Once again, how long a shoot takes will be affected by how complex the video needs to be. Generally, though, you should expect a 5-minute video to take around two days. Location and travel costs have a knock-on effect on price, also.


How long will the video take to edit?

The video editing process – or post-production – is the final stage before you get to see your finished video.

Usually, after a shoot there will be many hours of footage that needs to be sifted through to find the best takes. Then, you’ll be knitting these together according to the storyboards and script you created at the start.

There may be colour correcting required during the editing process, too, and graphics, titles and captions may also be needed.

The post-production process will usually take around a week. Of course, the fewer days required to edit your video (once again, this is affected by complexity), the lower the cost to produce your 5-minute video.


How much will my video cost?

All of the above are the elements that affect the cost to produce a 5-minute video. As you can see, the question ‘How much does it cost to produce a 5-minute video?’ is pretty impossible to answer.

However, it’s not impossible to get a quotation for your 5-minute video by speaking to the team at Stada Media.

Whether you have a clear idea for your video, or you know you need a video but you’re not sure what it should look like, speak to us and we can answer the question for you.

Creating a video for your company is hugely exciting – and video marketing can bring tangible results for your business. We look forward to hearing from you!

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