How The Healthcare Industry Is Using Video

The healthcare industry is facing increasing pressures. With the relentlessness of the coronavirus pandemic coupled with an ageing population, healthcare needs better ways of working. This includes how it communicates with its audience and customers. In this post, we’re going to tell you how the healthcare industry can use a video production company to do just that.

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Explainer videos

Explainer videos teach viewers about new digital services and processes that are making managing data in healthcare a lot simpler.

In general, explainer videos simplify complex topics, or at least ones that are new to the viewer. A big part of this is shortening explanations of things which might have been pages and pages in text.

So, to have a shorter explanation of something, you need clear and engaging visuals. This is what explainer videos are all about, and it is how the healthcare industry is using video.

Animated and motion graphics explainer videos

Explainer videos often use animation or motion graphics (learn the difference between them here) to achieve this clear communication. Get rid of the intricacies of live-action video (real people in real locations) – especially if the topic is already intricate enough. As a result, what you’re left with is much more digestible content.

If we’re talking healthcare industry videos, the topics are usually going to be fairly complex. At least, they are to the average Joe. So, this is why the healthcare industry often uses animation and motion graphics in its explainer videos.

A big use of explainer videos in healthcare is training. This especially applies when companies cannot get into hospitals to train in person. Training videos are an effective tool for teaching staff how to operate a new machine or system.


For example, check out this motion graphics explainer video below. We created it for Radar Healthcare Radar Healthcareto explain how to use their system to deal with an infection outbreak in an organisation.


Radar Healthcare – Managing a critical event in your organisation

This video uses motion graphics to show a simplified version of the software. In addition, this accompanies other healthcare visuals that align with the voiceover.

Overall, this is a much sleeker and simpler way of communicating this information than purely text. Especially for digital services like this, it simply makes sense to demonstrate them digitally and in motion! If you’re wondering how the healthcare industry is using video, don’t forget this one!


Live streaming

With the pandemic putting all in-person events on hold, live streaming is also how the healthcare industry is using video. With live streaming, you can still host your event virtually by broadcasting it online. You can live stream virtually anything (see what we did there?) – training, product demonstrations, Q&As, presentations and so much more.

When you hire a video production company to produce your live stream for you, it’ll be miles better in quality. This could make the world of difference to your engagement with, and traffic from, the live stream.

But where can you live stream on the internet? Of course, you have your traditional video-first platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. YouTube, in particular, is extremely important for your video marketing strategy – so make sure you’re live streaming on there!

Furthermore, the beauty of social media today is that pretty much all the major social media platforms offer live streaming capability. So, this means you can live stream across Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and Twitter!


Documentary videos

Finally, documentary videos are very important when considering how the healthcare industry is using video. Documentary videos offer deep and meaningful insight into critical topics, evoking emotional responses from viewers.

Interviews with experts, footage of your organisation or service, as well as informative voiceover can really pull viewers in. As a result, you’re likely to boost your traffic, enquiries and sales.


Check out this case study video we produced for EMIS Health, including interviews with staff.


EMIS Health – The state of mobile working: Sunlight Group Practice


Are you in the healthcare industry and have exhausted all your old ways of communicating? Why not try video production to give your content a new lease of life?

If you’re curious about hiring a video production company, learn more about the 3 stages of video production here.


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