How To Build A Social Media Strategy

You’re starting a business and have now found yourself with the task of creating social media accounts, where do you go from here? First off, congratulations on your new venture!

Social media never needs to be complicated. It’s a fun and creative outlet to showcase your brand and connect with a wide audience. It is a great idea however, to get a skeleton of a strategy together at the minimum, particularly before launch.

We’ve listed below some of the key things to think about when building a social media strategy and creating your accounts.


For ease of use and identification, ensure you choose a social media handle that directly reflects your brand. Of course, everyone is on social media, so it may be the case that your chosen name is not available. Think about adding your location to your brand name. For example, we use @stadavideo – if this was not available, we could then look at adding in ‘UK’.

For easy identification we would also recommend that your social media handle be the same on every channel, as this looks and feels easier when presented on collateral and online listings. You want to ensure your customers can find you with minimal effort.


In order to build trust, it’s important to present your brand clearly, and in the most presentable fashion. If you can, develop graphics to use are your profile image and banners. This instantly brands your page and reflects who you are and what you represent.

Competitor research

This is key to understanding your approach to content and social media in general. Take a look at what your competitors are doing online and get an idea for yourself as to what you like, could learn from and what you feel doesn’t work so well. It’s a huge time and money saver to understand best practice from your peers and brands you aspire to, rather than having to go through the motions of trial and error and making those mistakes yourself.

Look outside your comp set

Remember social media is a creative tool, so whilst you may represent commercial property for example, you could learn some great approaches from the likes of a fashion or music brand. There is absolutely nothing wrong with going against the grain in your field, if you see a technique done well via another industry. The goal is to engage, inspire and represent the personality of your brand – all with the mission of driving traffic and sales to your business, whether online, instore, or both!


No matter the platform we are talking about, visual content is king. Users respond to visuals far better than any other form of social communication, and there really is no getting around this – it will only increase! Consider producing or sourcing video and photo content for each social post. As you begin to use your pages, it’s not about the quantity of the posts, but the quality.

Do not go in for the hard sale

The goal of any business is to drive the sale or advertising of a particular product or service, so it’s completely understandable that you would want to use social media to do this – and you can, in a tactful way. Successful accounts often opt for a 70/20/10 split when it comes to content:

70% original content

20% curated content

10% promotion

These calculations are based on what social media users respond best to. Use the 70% of your content to build your brand personality, engage with your followers and entertain. You’ll find that if you go in too heavy with the sales pitches you’ll begin to lose followers and engagements.


By putting your business in the public domain, you’ll open yourself up to much more customer interaction. Ensure you respond to all messages and comments in a timely manner, as all of these things add to trust building and public perception of your business.

Slow and steady

Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by social media, especially if you are completely new to the concept – there is no shame in being a beginner! It’s far better to take your time learning how the platforms work and what your customers respond to best, rather than bombarding them with content because you feel as though you need to get a certain amount of posts out per day/week/month.

Need support with your social media strategy and monthly management? Get in touch today to learn more about what we can do for you!

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