How To Develop A Content Marketing Strategy In 10 Simple Steps

If you want to grow your business at all, it’s vital that you know how to develop a content marketing strategy.


And not just any content marketing strategy: this strategy needs to be informed and focused on your audience. It’s no longer enough to put out the odd piece of content with no goal or thought for the person at the other end.

Luckily for you, you’re about to find out how to develop a content marketing strategy, following 10 key steps to success.


How do you create a content strategy?


1. Establish your goals.

The first step in learning how to develop a content marketing strategy is goal-setting.

Trying to carry out content marketing without a goal is a bit like going to the supermarket without a shopping list. You might still get a few of the things you came in for; however, you’ll probably also waste a lot of money and time getting distracted by unnecessary things. As a result, you won’t achieve anything of real value.


2. Define your target audience.

Again, trying to develop a content marketing strategy without a defined audience is largely a waste of time. To get the best results, you need to know who you’re talking to and how to talk to them.


3. Assess your existing content.

What content is currently resonating, and what isn’t? How could you improve on or develop existing content to be more focused on your goals and target audience?

Establishing the answers to these questions is key in knowing how to develop a content marketing strategy.


4. Run through the customer journey.

The customer journey is also super important in your content marketing strategy.

Start from the beginning, where the customer is interested in learning more about the topic. Then, the middle stage, where they’re considering purchasing in the future but just need that extra push. Finally, the point when they’re just about to buy.

At each stage, think about what your content should be doing to help them along the journey to conversion.


5. Conduct keyword research.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the practice of developing your content to rank in search results. What’s more, SEO will really help you refine and develop your content marketing strategy. A huge part of SEO is keywords, and keywords make or break your SEO success – every time.

Using an SEO tool like SEMrush or Moz, conduct research of popular keywords related to your industry that your audience is likely to search for. Then, use a tool like the WordPress plugin Yoast SEO to optimise your content for these keywords.


6. Brainstorm content ideas.

Start from broad topics in your field or industry and branch out into more specific, detailed subjects your audience might want to learn about.

Next, if you have a team, get them together and develop ideas for your content marketing strategy. Base these ideas on your business goals and trending topics in your industry.


7. Choose a Content Management System (CMS).

A Content Management System, or CMS, helps you to insert, edit and upload content online. This is an essential tool if you want to learn how to develop a content marketing strategy.

WordPress is the most popular and trusted CMS; of 1.3 billion total sites on the web, about 455 million use WordPress.

However, there are other viable options out there such as Squarespace and Wix, so shop around before deciding which one is best for you and your business.


8. Establish a content creation process.

Decide what steps you will take to create your content, from initial brainstorming to execution and distribution.

Will you create all the content yourself, or will you delegate tasks to others? Maybe you’ll decide to outsource to freelancers.

Whatever approach you take to content creation, make sure it works for your content marketing strategy objectives.


9. Create and implement a content calendar.

A content calendar can really help you get organised with planning and executing a content marketing strategy.

You can use a simple tool such as Google Sheets to lay out your content schedule for the next week, month or year. Furthermore, share your content calendar with relevant team members so you’re all working towards shared goals.


10. Decide how you will distribute and amplify your content.

Finally, when discussing how to develop a content marketing strategy, we can’t forget distribution. This is the point where you share your content with the world! However, this stage also needs some thought in order for your content marketing strategy to be a success.

Find out what platforms your target audience spend most of their time on, and distribute here.

In addition, make sure your content is optimised for the best practices and requirements of these platforms.

For example, a link to a training course may not work as well on Facebook as it may on LinkedIn. Why? Because LinkedIn has a huge user base of professionals looking to develop their skills. Meanwhile, Facebook is more of a casual platform where people go to socialise or let off steam with entertaining content.


If you haven’t yet used any of these tactics in building your content marketing strategy, why not give some of them a go?


We hope you found this a good starting point on how to develop a content marketing strategy. Nevertheless, content marketing is a broad subject and there’s always more to learn!

Therefore, why not go a little more in-depth and read our past guide to creating a content distribution strategy? Or, alternatively, explore the potential of video by learning how to build a video marketing strategy.


If you need more help with your content marketing, the content production experts at Stada Media can deliver WOW-worthy results for your business.

We’ve been in the industry for over a decade and know the world of content inside and out. Get in touch with Stada Media to find out more.

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