How To Get The Most Out Of YouTube: Our 6 Top Tips

Although we’ve heard that Facebook is upping its video ante and working on ways to attract more avid viewers that want to watch videos, YouTube is still the most popular site with keen video enthusiasts.

There’s a knack to gaining lots of views and subscribers and we want to help you out… We’re nice like that! So, here, we’ve listed have lots of handy ideas on how to get the most out of YouTube.

1. Create a  channel

So if you’re planning on uploading multiple videos then one of the best things to do first is create a YouTube Channel. You need to have a catchy channel name and logo that makes people interested in what kind of videos you’re going to be posting. If people are going to be searching for your channel then it needs to be something that is easy to remember but also fun and original.

Utilising the ‘About’ section is another way that people can quickly see what your channel is about and what kind of videos they can expect. Channel trailers are similar to this, but this way viewers are able to watch instead of read exactly what you’re all about. This might be the first video they see on your channel so make sure it’s quirky, engaging and simple – yet effective. Don’t bore viewers before they’ve even seen your stuff!

2. Use the right file formats

There are different file formats that work best for uploading to YouTube – MOV, MP4, AVI and H.264 files. Stick to these for easier uploading of your videos.

3. Make your videos easy to find

Once your video is uploaded, make it easier to find with tags and descriptions.

It’s important that it is easy to find and that the tags you use are relevant to what content your video contains. This is all about getting traffic to your video and building on your SEO.

You might think that adding loads of tags will make your video more likely to be found, but if these tags are nothing to do with what your video is about then it can become more of a negative thing. If someone watches your video thinking that it is going to be about a completely different subject, they might never want to watch another of your videos again!

Adding descriptions to your videos is also another way to to make sure you are utilising YouTube and getting the most out of it. It can be used to quickly sum up what your video is about, and can be read either before or after your video has been viewed.

The description box is really useful because you can even add links to your website or other videos you’ve uploaded. This will help drive more traffic to your other work, which viewers might not have known about without these links. It’s all about making it as easy as possible for viewers to see more of your work…  If there isn’t a link directly available it can put some people off going and searching for it!

4. Monitor your videos’ success

It’s also important to remember that you shouldn’t just base how well your videos are doing solely from the number of views they are getting. Whilst this is something that most people are guilty of focusing on (who doesn’t love having 3000+ views on a video) it’s vital that you don’t get too disheartened if the view count doesn’t climb as rapidly as you hoped it would have.

Using the Analytics feature on YouTube allows you to check out how long people are watching your video for. That way, you can see whether they are getting bored halfway through or sticking it out until the end. This is a much better method than just going by the view count, as it gives you much more insight into how much people actually enjoyed your video.

You can also look at the Traffic Sources to see where people are finding your video. It shows you if they are clicking a link from another website or app, whether they directly searched for it on YouTube or if it was because they saw it as a suggested video when watching something else. These things are just as important, if not more, than the number of views your video is getting.

5. Upload videos regularly – but quality over quantity!

If you tell your subscribers that you are going to upload a video every Thursday at 19:15 exactly, then they might start to get a bit disappointed if you keep missing your ‘deadlines.’ However, remember it’s more important to upload a really interesting video once every two weeks than a half-hearted one every 4 days. Quality over quantity! Just don’t become one of these people that only uploads once a month. People will start to forget your videos exist!

If you really want your channel to be successful it is important for you to know how often you will be able to upload videos. That way, you can make sure you are doing it fairly regularly to keep your viewers happy.

6. Make friends

Connecting with other YouTubers is also important, as you can sometimes help each other out with getting views and promoting each others channel. Obviously supporting someone who is making the exact same type of videos as you might not be to your benefit. It’s about finding the right people to connect with.

Subscribing to other channels might bring some attention to yours – but don’t like 1000 other channels just for the sake of it. It’s nice when people comment on your video (saying positive things) or give it a thumbs up. So, do the same to others that you are genuinely interested in.

Don’t forget social media too! Promote yourself on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Wherever you can leave links to your videos or channel, do! This is a great way to drive traffic to your channel and a little bit of shameless self-promotion never hurt anyone!

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