How To Make Video Marketing Work For Your Business During Lockdown

The first lockdown taught us that businesses can survive if they adapt. Adapting meant moving online because, restricted to staying at home, consumers began using the internet to spend their money. So, in this blog post, we’re going to outline how to make video marketing work for your business during lockdown.


It’s one thing having an e-commerce site; it’s another being able to drive traffic to it and generate sales. That’s where high quality video production comes in. 


But first… Why use video?

Actions speak a thousand words, they say. Nowhere is that more true than in marketing.

Video content is more visual. It allows you to show rather than tell, which means it can transcend language barriers. And, when scrolling through a social media newsfeed or online advertising, a video always attracts the eye more effectively than text. 51% of marketing professionals worldwide actually named video as the type of content with the best ROI.

There’s a reason why YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world.

But that’s not all. Video is not just highly useful for attracting attention – it has many other uses, too. In a lockdown-inflicted world, video can be used to inform, explain, teach and demonstrate. Apparently, viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch a video compared to 10% when they read text.

And on top of that, using videos on your website is good for SEO – so they make the overall visibility of your website better, too. 


Here are a few quick-fire examples of how different companies have used video marketing during the pandemic:
  • Travel companies have made educational videos about destinations to amp up interest for when travel bans are lifted.
  • An interest in home improvements and decoration has spiked. Again, educational videos have helped to answer a new surge of customer questions.
  • More people are adopting dogs during lockdown, so dog training companies have started making training videos and teaching their audience online.
  • Although this was a popular option before, real estate companies are creating more virtual walkthroughs for customers to view properties safely.
…And here are some general examples of what companies are leaning towards in their video marketing during lockdown:
  • Creating video messages to answer common customer questions.
  • Taking the opportunity to populate their YouTube channels, resulting in more views and subscribers.
  • Creating a greater number of videos with reduced production. As everyone is at home, the important thing has become the message, not the quality.
  • Thorough and honest content – it’s what people need right now.


So, let’s see how you can make video marketing work for your business…



Use explainer videos to help customers understand your products and services

Explainer videos simplify complex ideas, processes or services – meaning there’s no stone left unturned when it comes to customer queries.

Explainer videos are often made using motion graphics or animation, for simple yet appealing visuals. Just take a look at the example above – a 2D animation explainer video we created for EMIS Health.

The beauty of motion graphics and animation is that you can create them pretty much anywhere. All you need is a computer and the right software. This eliminates the need to be physically on location anywhere to make video marketing work for your business.

For these reasons, lots of businesses have now ramped up their motion graphics and animation to continue putting quality content out there. If you’re unsure of the difference between them, check out our post here that reveals all.


Turn your pitches into videos

Clients’ offices are out of bounds. Chances are, they’ll be working from home anyway. So, how to host those client meetings that used to mean guaranteed interest? Instead, create a video of your pitch. Demonstrate your offerings, explain the benefits, talk up your aftersales service… Or better still…


Live stream your events and presentations

We’ve said it many times, and we will KEEP saying it because it’s that important: start live streaming.

If you can no longer host an event, presentation or seminar, don’t just shrug your shoulders and throw the idea in the bin. This is how to make video marketing work for your business: adapt your plan so you can still host your event virtually.

Depending on the scale of your event, it probably won’t need much planning anyway. Something on a larger scale may need a couple of cameras and a vision mixer, but often you will only need a smartphone to get started.

Check out our live streaming showreel above for some examples of live streams we’ve produced for clients.

If you’re looking for more, read more about live streaming in these blog posts:

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Create product demonstration videos

With everyone at home – how do they get to see your product? They can’t pick it up, see it working, try it out. So, instead, give them a product video that does all of this for you.

All they need to do is click play, and they can see your product being used, worn, or moved around. 65% of customers said that watching a product demonstration video made it easier to imagine themselves using the product.

Product demonstration videos will not only promote your products in a new way, but also increase your presence and engagement online. People love to share useful and informative content with others – especially when it’s in video form.

Watch the video above for an example of a product demonstration video we created for Blinds Direct. The client needed a large set of instructional videos for their equally large range of products, and this is just one of them!


Give your customers confidence to buy with a testimonial video

Sometimes, what tips the scales from ‘considering your product’ to ‘buying your product’ is a really good customer review. People often trust other customers more than the brand itself, so you need the voices of happy customers as a sales tool.

Kick this idea up a notch and create a testimonial VIDEO. This adds multiple layers of life, human emotion and familiarity to what your audience is seeing. Testimonial videos often feature customer interviews with other enticing footage thrown in, all wrapped up in an engaging package.

Testimonial videos keep up with the fast-moving digital world of today, at a speed that written reviews just can’t.

Testimonials are also often known as case studies. Check out the above example we created for utilities company, Glide.


Share your videos on your social media channels

If you don’t yet know the viral power that video can have on social media, now is the time to find out.

In 2021, your social media channels should be making a big space for video. As long as you keep them fairly short – to match people’s rapidly reducing attention spans – you are guaranteed to boost your social media engagement.

Take advantage of the biggest social media platforms’ various video tools: Instagram IGTV, Instagram Reels, Facebook Watch and more.

Social media is a vital channel in drawing more traffic to your website, which is your most important asset in your marketing strategy.

When you add videos into the mix, your chances of boosting your traffic – and ultimately your sales – increase tenfold. 93% of businesses say they got a new customer thanks to a video on social media!


Upload your videos to YouTube

YouTube is to your videos what your website is to your entire business – it’s your shop window.

The amount of people who use YouTube every single day only comes second to the amount who use Google. We know your customers visit YouTube, because it receives 1.9 billion visitors per month! This is why it’s so important to upload your videos to YouTube and build a strong presence.

Make sure you keep your channel up to date with your latest videos. However, it’s not just your videos you need to think about – it’s the look and feel of your channel as a whole. Ensure you have eye-catching banners and thumbnails, because these add to the overall impact on the viewer.


We are in difficult times for business. However, if you focus on the areas of your business you CAN control, you will still see progress.

The beauty of video is that, as we’ve said before, it is completely achievable remotely. As long as you have the right tools – sometimes even just a smartphone is enough! – you can make video marketing work for your business. Where can it take you?


Let’s talk about your video marketing needs here!

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