How To Train New Staff Effectively Using Video

You’re probably here because you’re looking for a way to train new staff that doesn’t involve travelling many miles, money down the drain and company time dried up. In essence, you want to know how to train new staff effectively – and we’ve got just the thing…


Training videos are your saving grace when it comes to teaching new staff how to use a certain piece of equipment, machinery or software. They can even be used for simply explaining best practices within your team.

Communicating this using video production will allow more time for the information to sink into viewers’ heads. Furthermore, it can be re-used and re-watched over and over again – maximising its value.

Sounding good? Read on to discover more about exactly what training videos can do for your business.


Why should I use a staff training video?

Staff training videos save a lot of time.

Think about all the precious time you have wasted training, re-training and re-training staff every time they enter your company. Visualising all that time lost put together is probably eye-watering!

However, video is the solution. Sure, you’ll need to invest a bit of time into planning and creating the video itself – but once that’s done, you’ve got a piece of content with endless value. You can send it to many people at once, who can watch it again and again to soak in the message.

In addition, you’re able to re-use it for different purposes and keep using it for years to come. You no longer need to go to your staff to train them – they simply have to click on your video. A single click versus countless journeys and individual training sessions – when you’re thinking of how to train new staff effectively, it’s a no brainer.


Staff training videos save a lot of money.

This goes hand-in-hand with the amount of time you will save. As we all know, time is money – and you’ll be keeping a lot of both to yourself when you use training videos.

Again, like time, you’ll be investing a bit of money into actually making the videos (read more about video production costs here). However, once you’ve done this, you’ll be saving a lot that you’d otherwise be spending on re-training new staff every time they come through the door.

Think of how you could spend that extra money you’ll be saving. You can invest it into other parts of your business you previously couldn’t; this demonstrates how video can both loudly, and quietly, benefit your business in lots of ways.

Staff training videos are more engaging.

Training videos aren’t just beneficial on a purely practical and logistical level. They’re also more successful at doing what you’re setting out to do: train your new staff so they can do their work to high standards.

This is all down to the video medium, and there are multiple factors involved.

Firstly, you can’t ‘edit’ a face-to-face training session so it’s as effective as it can be. It’s just not possible. Meanwhile, video training maximises opportunities to communicate instructions and ideas successfully by using the very best visuals and sound. These elements combined in the right ways can have amazing effects on your staff’s learning.


So, now you know why staff training videos should be your top choice when it comes to inducting new employees. You’re one step further to knowing how to train new staff effectively using video. But do you know what makes a good training video?


What should my staff training video include?

An engaging speaker.

Having a skilled speaker is a huge part of training new staff effectively. Often, the biggest hurdle in teaching and learning is the teacher themselves. If they’re just not engaging enough – whether that’s through their voice, their body language or the things they say – the message just won’t deliver.

This is why choosing the very best speaker for your training video is really important. You have two main options:

1) You can hire a professional actor who has all the right qualities and knows how to project. This often comes as part of the package when you hire a video production company.

2) You can choose someone from your company, who knows the business well, to be the speaker. This person has to be charismatic and a great speaker, or at least have a voice that can project and engage an audience.


The best visuals… shown at the right time.

A key advantage of using a staff training video is that you can edit visuals and sound together to communicate instructions in the very best way. You also have flexibility in how you show certain shots and when, meaning you can reach that perfect spot where your audience truly understands the training given.

Again, working with a video production agency can help with this. They will have skilled editors who can make your training videos communicate as effectively as possible.


A good pace.

You don’t want your training video to be too long and filled with unnecessary detail, or your viewers will zone out. Equally, if it’s too short and lacking in depth, your training won’t be very effective.

To solve this, keep your video at a good pace where you don’t linger too long on each instruction. Get to the point, clearly show the action being carried out, then swiftly move on. The beauty of video is that your viewer can replay it over and over, as many times as they like – meaning you don’t just have one shot at communicating your information.

A good pace also keeps the audience engaged, as they’re aware that the video is going to move on frequently.

Learning how to train new staff effectively with video is all about pace and timing. If you can crack this, you’re halfway there!


Are you now a little more confident in how to train your new staff effectively? Video can speed up the process, as well as saving you countless resources in the years to come. Why not start your video journey now?



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