How Video Production Can Help You With Your Disruptive Marketing

Disruptive marketing goes against the grain and attempts to, hence the name, DISRUPT the standard marketplace. Marketers can do this in a number of ways, including causing a bit of healthy controversy.


However, what’s the best medium to grab audiences’ attention? Here’s a clue: it moves, it speaks and it engages all who come across it.

You guessed it: video. We’re about to tell you why video is actually the best technique to use in disruptive marketing. Are you ready to disrupt the market with unforgettable video content?

But first…


Why should I try disruptive marketing?

Simply put, sometimes you have to think beyond what others are doing and what is expected of you. How can you do it differently, shake things up and draw all eyes to your brand?

Using disruptive marketing will benefit your business in a number of ways:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Position you as a thought leader in your industry – people will follow your lead for the latest ideas and products
  • Increase your sales (as a knock-on effect of the previous two points)
  • It may even get you in the press!


What are some examples of disruptive marketing?

  • ‘Taboo’ content
  • Calling out competitors on bad practices
  • Smashing stereotypes and representing the underrepresented
  • Drawing attention to issues or injustices
  • Fun interaction with customers and competitors on social media


We’ve also outlined some real-world examples in our previous blog post on disruptive marketing here.


How can video production help me with my disruptive marketing?

Video brings originality and creativity to another level

Here comes the most obvious statement of the century: video moves, pictures and text don’t. You already know this, but do you know how to use video’s movement to take your disruptive marketing to the next level?

With video, you can create a whole world and story that pushes boundaries, breaks stereotypes and starts conversations. This might be through the characters you use, the story you tell or the message your video delivers.

However, one thing it will always come back to is the magic of video. Never underestimate the power of sight, sound and emotion when they come together as one. This impact is what you can achieve if you use video – and with disruptive marketing, the bigger impact the better, right?


Video gives you more scope to push the boundaries

Similar to above, video offers way more possibilities for how you can push the boundaries with your marketing. You’ve got more of basically everything: time, resources, techniques and – if you work with a corporate video company – skills and experience.

Think of a print advert that attempts to disrupt the market in its messaging. Now, think how much bigger of an impact you could have if that moved, spoke to the viewer and was properly shareable. Exactly!


Working with a creative team will elevate your ideas

If you want to make a video that will disrupt the market, you want to work with a video production company. This is because it’s almost not worth doing if you don’t; a video production company has all the tools, skills and experience to ensure your video is a success.

These tools include an abundance of creativity that will surely maximise your chances of disrupting the market!


A video production company handles the logistics

Another great asset of a video production company is their experience in handling the logistics of a video project. This means that you get all the payoff of a successful video without any of the stress of planning it. You simply agree logistical details with the video production company, and they go off and execute them. How easy is that?


Are you ready to shake up your industry with a disruptive marketing video? You won’t know what will happen until you take the leap!


We could be the video production company to make your first disruptive marketing video. Stada Media is a bespoke in-house video production agency with a passion for delivering ‘WOW’. Get in touch about disruptive video marketing today!

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