Behind-The-Scenes of Wagg’s “Every Dog Has Its Day” Campaign

Last month, we won a major contract to produce an online live-action video campaign, ‘Every Dog Has Its Day‘, for international pet food brand Wagg. Needless to say, the whole team was pretty excited by the prospect of a pet-related project!

We had a couple of weeks of intensive preparation — location scouting, equipment rental, canine casting and more. Then, finally, we set about filming the live-action video earlier this month. Let us take you behind the scenes…

The day began with dressing the set, which just so happened to be the garden of Lauren, our Marketing Co-ordinator! We transformed her lawn into a dog’s paradise with heaps of balls (which ended up being pretty fun for us too). Finally, we applied a dusting of fake snow with the help of two snow machines and a wind machine.

Our all-star cast was made up of ten dogs. These included Lauren’s adorable German Shepherd puppy Boris; lovable rescue dog Millie (find details about her and Saving Yorkshire’s Dogs here); and a gang of wonderful pups courtesy of Ossett Dog Walking and Mobile Pet Service. We had a fun day ahead of us!

With a lot of shots to capture in one day, we used a grand total of six cameras: GoPro Hero 6, Sony FS7, Sony A7S, Panasonic GH5, Canon C100, and Nikon D810.

The video campaign launched across social media last night as part of Wagg’s “Every Dog Has Its Day” competition! Check it out…


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