Stada Video Introduces New Live Chat

In today’s ‘quick fix’ age, it’s all the more important to have instant information at your fingertips. We’ve released our revamped website with that notion in mind, trying to provide a video production dictionary of sorts. There’s also an even quicker way to get answers – the new live chat feature. A lot of websites have these, and they’ve proved pretty popular – around 65% of online consumers have used a live chat function on a vendor’s website, and 79% of those who’ve dabbled in it say they’ve done so to get quick answers (and received them). With all the levels of technology we’ve started placing between each other – text messages, social media, emails etc – live chatting is often proving more popular than enquiring by phone call.


  • It’s a non committal way to garner information: You can always just close the live chat down when you’re done, rather than feeling like you have to commit to a lengthy conversation by phone. Don’t get us wrong, we love a good phone call – but we understand if other’s don’t.
  • The person you’re messaging tends to be the one with the answers: When you call a company, you can be passed around from pillar to post until you land with a specific department. On live chat, it’s more than likely that the person you’re talking to is already your best bet.
  • Most importantly – speed: the whole point of a live chat feature if to give people the information they need within seconds.


At the end of our live chat is Ben, our client liaison, who is up to speed on pretty much everything. So, we invite you to get chatting and see what you can find out – check out the bottom left of your screen when browsing our website.

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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.