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A live video where anything could happen.

We’re a live streaming company and we can boost your interaction and engagement by live streaming on social media. This will create the experience of attending an event, but the only ticket your customers need here is the ‘play’ button.

As a video production company, we have experience in creating an exciting yet smooth live atmosphere for your business’ events, conferences, and presentations.


Working with a live streaming company

A live streamed video is sent over the internet in real time, as the filmed events happen, rather than being pre-recorded.

A live stream delivers the video one small bit at a time – usually a few seconds each. The live stream works through a one-to-many connection – that is, it is sent from one source to multiple individual viewers.

Your live streaming company will film the live stream using a setup of professional cameras, switching between angles for an engaging experience.

Working with a live streaming company
1. Initial conversation

Before anything else, we’ll thoroughly get to know your business event, inside and out. This helps us to deliver the absolute best results during your live stream. To help you, we’ll offer our expert knowledge on live streaming to advise you on the best choices before you decide on the final brief.

2. Brief & Scope

What event do you want us to live stream? How challenging will this be to film live? Do you need any specific features in your live stream? These are all questions we’ll work to answer at this stage in the process. This helps us to establish transparency with you, prepare for live streaming day and avoid mistakes on air.

3. Creative

Here is when we get out our pens and pencils and start to – literally and figuratively – sketch out your big idea. We’ll gather inspiration and ideas together so we’re approaching the live stream in the best way possible. We need it to flow so it continues to engage viewers. Throughout this stage, we’ll always have your company and goals at the forefront of our minds.

4. Pre-Production

During pre-production we will draw up a solid plan for the live stream. We’ll also have a Plan B in our back pocket in case we’re faced with unprecedented challenges or difficulties on the day. At this stage we’ll also gather all the equipment we need for a smooth live stream.

4. Live Stream

This is the big moment! We will be at your event as early as we can to get everything set up, tested and rolling. During the stream, we’ll adapt our filming to continuous changes and ensure it is the best it can be throughout.

6. Post-Production

After the stream, we will watch it back, review its success and analyse your audience’s engagement. This is also your time to provide us with valued feedback.

Why should I use live streaming for my business?
You may think of live streaming as a more amateur method for communicating with your customers. As a professional live streaming company, we’re here to change your mind.

OK, so the usual live streams you see are from celebrities on Instagram using their smartphones for a quick chat with their fans. You couldn’t possibly consider this for your business, right?

Wrong! The reason why livestreams are so effective aren’t just due to large and enthusiastic followings. Livestreams strengthen the connection between a viewer and a company because the interaction is immediate and ever-changing. This makes it unpredictable in a really exciting way.

Read just some of the reasons why you should consider live streaming for your business…

It’s ideal for company events.

Want to show your audience an event you’re hosting, but don’t want to risk missing out anything important by prerecording and editing in the usual way? Live streaming can achieve the same professional effect with nothing interesting left out. This is especially great for live talks, for which a live stream will create the effect of your viewers actually being in the room.

It creates transparency and trust.

In today’s climate, trust between a business and their customers is everything. Streaming a live video online that shows that business in a more transparent way is a brilliant method for achieving this.

It encourages engagement.

Comments on a live stream are like people chatting in an audience at a concert and calling out to the performer to get their attention. They’re ‘in the moment’, which is what leads to more comments being posted on live videos. This is why live streams are great for Q + A videos, in which viewers can drop in, ask their questions and have them answered in real time.

It’s shareable.

The live stream’s shorter life span will make that viewer feel a lot more compelled to share it before it ends. They’ll want their followers to experience the stream at the same time.

Top live streaming tips
#1 Test your set-up pre-event

The biggest error you could make when filming a live stream is not checking everything is working as it should beforehand. Before you go live, make sure that your equipment will do just as you ask it to when it’ll be too late to amend your mistakes.

#2 Get a video switcher

One of the best ways to recognise a professional live streaming production is when it uses a video switcher to change between shots and angles. This creates a more immersive and engaging experience for viewers, who may be more used to a continuous, straightforward angle of whatever they’re watching.

#3 Always have a plan B

Remember, it’s live. It’s likely that something might happen that you hadn’t fully planned for, or you hadn’t expected at all. You need to be prepared to work with the natural changes in scenario that come with a live event so your stream continues to run smoothly. This is what your viewers expect and deserve!

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