5 Ways To Build An Audience Near You With Local Marketing

Did you know there are over 2.8 billion active social media users worldwide? This is excellent news if you’re a global company with wide appeal. But what about businesses that operate locally? Identifying your potential customers amongst the masses is bound to feel like an overwhelming task. That’s where local marketing comes in.


Take advantage of location-based technology and implement a few simple local marketing strategies. As a result, finding a local audience on social media will be surprisingly painless — and incredibly rewarding.


1. Define your key demographic

The first step in local marketing is getting to know your target audience. In particular, their location. This will be a relatively easy task for businesses who only trade locally; however, it’s still worth doing a bit of research.

For example, it’s advantageous to learn your audience’s average age, income and interests. Furthermore, there are many free tools offering detailed breakdowns of your social media and website audiences. For instance, Google Analytics, Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics.


2. Take advantage of Facebook Ads

Facebook ads deliver serious results in local marketing. In addition, they’re cheaper and more effective than normal web ads.

The in-depth data Facebook has on its users allows you to target local ones. Furthermore, you can even specify age, gender and interests if your audience is niche.

Only those who are likely to take action after seeing your paid advert will see it; as a result, this guarantees a higher return on investment!


3. Use hashtags and location tags

Make it easier for local users to discover your local marketing social media content on Twitter and Instagram. How do you do this? By including a couple of hashtags that are relevant to your location.

For example, if you are based in Wakefield (as we are), use #Wakefield and #Yorkshire. In addition, look at other local businesses on social media to see which hashtags they are using.

Furthermore, Instagram also allows you to tag posts with your location. As a result, this further increases the chances of local users discovering your post. Also, tagging your Instagram Stories with a location to feature in Location Stories. For example, you could tag regular behind-the-scenes videos with your location.


4. Engage with your local audience

Being an active member of the social media community is a fantastic way to ramp up your local marketing. Expand your local following organically by browsing local hashtags and location tags. Connect with potential customers by liking and commenting on relevant posts!


5. Support local businesses and events

Getting involved with your local business network is also incredibly beneficial in local marketing. Use Twitter to post about upcoming events in your area and congratulate other local businesses. However, don’t do this if they’re your competitors!

Furthermore, make sure you include popular local hashtags and mention companies directly using their Twitter handle. As a result, if you maintain a giving mentality, other businesses will return the favour.


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