Make Your Video Marketing Work Harder For Your Business With Stada Media

Video marketing is no longer a ‘nice to have’. It needs to be a central element of your marketing plans, and it needs to be done properly. Why? Because, with our ever-decreasing attention spans demanding that content is instant, easy to digest and entertaining, video is the only medium that can tick all the boxes. And, get your business results.

Now, Stada Media is delighted to announce that we can not only create stunning, professional video content for you. We can now assist, guide and advise on how to approach video marketing for your business, too.

What is video marketing?

Marketing has come a long way since the TV commercial and billboard dominated world of Don Draper. And, it’s evolving at an ever increasing rate. Traditional marketing methods are proving themselves to be overpriced, unmeasurable and ineffective in a digital world.

In modern marketing, customers lead and businesses must strive to engage and connect with their consumers… Or get left behind.

Digital video is a clear favourite among users and has, in turn, become a valuable element of marketing. However, video marketing shouldn’t stop at simply producing and uploading a video. Content must reach its target audience to be considered successful and that’s going to take more than simply embedding video on a website. Too often, companies waste millions producing videos without thinking about the end goal: actual viewers. After all, they are the ones will potentially buy into your product or service, attend your event or visit your attraction.

Video marketing services

Social media and online advertising are tools that brands must use if they’re going to succeed at reaching an audience. However, keeping up with the ever-changing online landscape can seem incredibly overwhelming – which is where Stada Media’s video marketing service comes into play.

We can take the stress and effort of video marketing off your hands by developing and deploying an effective social media strategy that will get you those all important views and drive significant traffic to your business.

Why is video marketing so important for your business?

Actively promoting your video online will yield multiple benefits. Spreading your message across multiple social media platforms will drastically increase your potential viewers.

In turn, you’ll have a greater chance of finding users who will buy into your service or product. If their interest is piqued, statistics show that viewers are also likely to look further into your brand…  Which means increased traffic to your website, more subscribers on your mailing list and an increase in brand awareness on the whole. You can also trust your audience to spread the word and propagate your video content across their networks if it is engaging and shareable. What’s more, if you maintain your online presence and continue to supply quality video marketing content, you will gain loyal followers and customers who will return to you time and time again.

Unlike traditional marketing methods, video marketing is measurable. Analytical tools will monitor the reach of your video with astonishing accuracy, so you’ll be able to see your strategy working in real time.

…and timing couldn’t be better

Statistics show that digital video content is at an all-time high. Diode Digital found that video promotion is 600% more effective than print and direct mail combined, which is no doubt why over 70% percent of marketers plan to increase their use of video in marketing next year.

As we’ve learned, the key to successful video marketing lies with where you post your video content. Current trends can help us to choose the most successful platforms.

Social media video marketing

Video and social media are a match made in heaven. According to Simply Measured, video is shared on social media 1200% more times than links and text combined – and social media use on the whole is increasing constantly. 90% of millennials now use social media and, surprisingly, 35% of people over 65 do too. What’s more, when it comes to communicating with businesses, 33% of millennials prefer social media over any other channel.

Stada Media will help you tap into the power of social media by writing copy and designing graphics to go with your video before posting it on the social media platforms that matter most to your audience. We could even make shorter, more shareable edits of your video.

Social media video advertising

There are multiple ways to take advantage of social media beyond standard posts. Carefully placed social media video ads have yielded incredible results for marketers. On Facebook, desktop ads have 8.1 times higher click-through rates and mobile ads have 9.1 times higher click-through rates than normal web ads. With these results, Facebook has become the platform of choice for video advertisers. In fact, Facebook reported a remarkable £5 billion in advertising revenue this year!

Experts have predicted that ad spending across all social media platforms is likely to exceed £27 billion in 2017, representing 16 percent of all digital ad spending globally. That’s not only an increase of around £10 billion in just two years… But proof of maintained consistent growth of at least £4 billion every year for nearly half a decade!

Our video marketing package will take full advantage of the continued success of Facebook ads. Each month, we’ll roll out a Facebook ad campaign on your behalf, ensuring that it is targeted at your key demographic.

Youtube advertising

Despite Facebook gaining footing in video marketing, Youtube remains the top video platform.

According to YouTube, more than 1 billion viewers watch its videos each month, clocking over 6 billion hours. Top brands are continuing to take advantage of this by purchasing pre-roll ads. 100% of the top 100 global brands have run YouTube ads in the past year and the number of YouTube channels earning 6 figures per year is up 50% year-over-year. Businesses are clearly continuing to consider YouTube’s advertising options a worthwhile investment.

How do you like the sound of your video being seen by YouTube’s ever-increasing audience? We will ensure that your video is among the ads visible on YouTube’s most popular channels.


Blogging has been popular for a while now and it remains a great way to increase your online presence, boost your SEO and encourage loyalty among your customers. Small businesses that blog currently get around 126% more lead growth compared to similar businesses that do not blog. And, on average, companies that blog receive 434% more indexed pages.

These figures can only be increased by the power of video, and using video content in your blog. Moz reports that incorporating video into a blog post attracts three times more inbound links!

So, how can you take advantage of this? Stada Media can write long-form blog posts about the subject of your video and post to all major blogging websites.

What can Stada Media clients expect?

Stada Media offers three different video marketing packages at three different price points: bronze, silver and gold.

For £1000 per month, the bronze package will offer: one post per day on both Facebook and Twitter, along with retweets and follower interaction; up to five hours of video edits per month to ensure your content is ready for sharing; Facebook ads up to £25 per month and YouTube pre-roll ads up to £50pm; up to 25 units of graphic design to make your content really stand out; and basic analytics and reporting to monitor the progress of your video marketing campaign.

The silver package offers more marketing exposure for £2000 per month (for a minimum of two months). This includes: up to three posts per day on up to four different social media platforms, along with retweets and follower interaction; up to ten hours of video edits per month; copywriting and one blog post every two weeks published on two blogging platforms; Facebook ads and YouTube pre-roll ads up to £50pm each; up to 100 units of graphic design; and advanced analytics and reporting.

Our gold package takes video marketing to another level for £3000 per month (for a minimum of three months). This package includes: up to five posts per day on all social media platforms, including retweets and follower interaction; up to twenty hours of video edits per month; copywriting (including long form) and one blog post every week published on up to five blogging platforms; Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads and YouTube pre-roll ads up to £150pm each; up to 200 units of graphic design; full VM strategy and management; and advanced analytics and reporting.

Interested in finding out more about our video marketing packages? We’d love to hear from you. Just drop us a message here!

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