How To Make Smartphone Video Look Professional

There will be times when smartphone video will need to suffice. This might be due to budget, spontaneity or simply logistics. And, you know what? With the right considerations, our smartphones are capable of capturing some great images and footage.


There are several small considerations you can make to improve your smartphone videos.


Things to consider when creating smartphone video


Landscape or portrait?

Choosing between landscape or portrait may be tricky.

Think about what you plan to do with your smartphone video. If the purpose is social media, then again, you have two options: sharing via Stories, or a social post.

If you only get the opportunity to shoot one video or to take one shot, landscape is a better choice. You’ll be able to capture much more in one shot; plus, you’ll have the opportunity to crop the video accordingly.

Consider your backdrop

If you’re creating a series of smartphone videos for a larger project, think about the backdrop.

Less is always more when it comes to shooting video. Therefore, you don’t want too much going on behind the subject because it will distract the viewer. It will also give you away when you are editing.

For example, you may be interviewing multiple people with the view to edit the footage together. If so, we advise choosing a plain backdrop to keep the shot consistent.

Pay attention to background noise

Video picks up everything. If you’re not working with additional sound equipment, we advise choosing a location with minimal noise.

Whilst shooting outside is beautiful, the sound won’t be. Keep the background noise as clean as possible to ensure your smartphone video is at the highest quality.

Have a tripod or a steady hand

Another key thing to consider when working to achieve a quality smartphone video is a clean finish.

Unless the artistic direction specifies shaky camerawork, a steady camera is essential. If you don’t have a tripod, rest your smartphone on a flat surface for support (while keeping your hands on it!). If all else fails, aim for the steadiest hand you can.

Do several takes

Rather than filming for an hour straight, break the shot up into bite-sized chunks. You’ll be grateful for this tip when it comes to editing!

It’s recommended to take a serious of shots and cut the best bits, rather than a constant stream of content which may not all be relevant. If you’re filming an interview or speech, it makes for easier viewing and editing to break it up. Crucially, it also allows the speaker breaks so they continue to perform at their best in the video.

Don’t be afraid to stop and start with your smartphone video. No shot is perfect first time around. Keep going.

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