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We get the cogs turning in those lifeless images you thought weren’t capable of engaging your audience.

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Motion graphics are brilliantly effective in catching the attention of easily-distracted viewers, enticing them with colours and movement.



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What is the difference between motion graphics and animation?

‘Isn’t motion graphics basically just animation, though?’ Not quite! Animation is most commonly known as character and story-driven, whereas motion graphics encompasses ANYTHING animated. This includes non-character elements such as animated logos, text, shapes and more.

Using a creative motion graphics company, you can use motion graphics to help you communicate a topic or idea that doesn’t necessarily need characters or a story. This is great if you’ve got a more abstract service you want to illustrate.

The motion graphics process
1. Initial conversation

Before anything else, we’ll thoroughly get to know your business, inside and out. This helps us to deliver the absolute best results at the end of the video project. To help you, we’ll offer our expert knowledge on video to advise you on the best choices before you decide on the final brief. Is motion graphics the best choice for the message you want to communicate?

2. Brief & Scope

What is your goal for your motion graphics video? What’s your budget? What kind of things can we achieve with motion graphics in this project? These are all questions we’ll work to answer at this stage in the process. This helps us to prepare for the later stages and avoid misjudgements.

3. Creative

Here is when we get out our pens and pencils and start to – literally and figuratively – sketch out your big idea. Throughout this stage, we’ll always have your company and goals at the forefront of our minds so you’ll achieve them with this video.

4. Pre-Production

Before we get started on your motion graphics video, we write your script and draw up your video’s storyboard, visualising exactly what every frame is going to look and sound like. This really helps our production team when they get to work. We’ll always keep in regular contact with you at this stage, sending you our script and storyboard for your valued feedback.

5. Production

This is where we bring our ideas – the ones we’ve worked hard on, drawn up and discussed – to the screen. Our talented production team will pay careful attention to the script and storyboard, creating your motion graphics video using the latest and best software. They’ll also add crisp and engaging audio as per the project brief, such as a voiceover.

6. Post-Production

In post-production, we get your motion graphics video ready for distribution. This may involve creating various versions – for example, subtitled versions or shorter clips for social media use. This is the ‘finishing touches’ stage, where again, we’ll keep in frequent contact with you to ensure everything is still a-ok with the finished product.

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Why should I use motion graphics?
Sometimes, you just don’t have a big enough budget or a big enough timeframe, and you only come with a simple message.

Motion graphics can be an effective solution when your choices are restricted. Even if you’re not restricted, sometimes less is more. A sleek and minimal 1-minute motion graphics video can, at times, be more effective than a full-blown live action video with actors and a studio.

You should consider using motion graphics for these benefits:

It’s cheaper.

With motion graphics, you’ve stripped away the cost of the right equipment, casting performers, and finding locations. This is great for smaller businesses with tighter budgets who simply want to get their message out there using a tried-and-tested method.

It’s quicker and easier to make.

Similar to above, the skills and time required for a motion graphics company to create a professional, eye-catching video will be significantly less than other types of video. This is ideal for tighter time restrictions and those urgent video requests.

A sleek and attractive style.

Motion graphics have universal appeal for their tidy, smooth appearance. Being visually satisfying to viewers is also an effective way to garner more shares on social media.

With universal appeal comes opportunities to work with a motion graphics company for almost any purpose.

Motion graphics help viewers to understand complex topics, and on the flip-side, they fit in perfectly with simple concepts with a clear message. When planning any video project, consider whether motion graphics could save you a whole load of hassle

Top motion graphics tips
#1 Experiment

While motion graphics has a universal appeal, this can make brands fall into the common trap of doing the same as everyone else. However, it’s possible to retain this appeal while experimenting with new techniques! Make your motion graphics unique to your business. A good motion graphics company can guide you here.

#2 Make it flow

Your sound and visuals need to correspond in your motion graphics video for the viewer to truly absorb your message. Avoid presenting important information with irrelevant and distracting imagery. As a professional video production company, we will ensure your motion graphics video has a brilliant sense of flow so it will continue to engage viewers throughout.

#3 Keep it clear

Although it’s great to experiment, as we say above, it’s also important not to go overboard. Similar to tip #2, don’t distract or confuse the viewer with lots of flashy techniques. This is more likely to hinder than help, meaning your viewer will get frustrated with the video and turn it off. Motion graphics videos should be crystal clear in visuals and tone.

What next?
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We’ll then formulate some brilliant ideas to get the best results from your video project.

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