We’ve Signed A New Media Partnership With The Whiteknights Yorkshire Blood Bikes

Stada Media is proud to announce a media partnership with our chosen charity the Whiteknights Yorkshire Blood Bikes.

Whiteknights is a charity organisation who provide an essential service to the NHS and healthcare organisations throughout Yorkshire. So, out-of-hours transportation of blood, plasma, tissue samples, documentation and other vital supplies.

During normal working hours, the NHS and Charitable Health Organisations use their own transportation. These systems are, however, unavailable out of hours. Without a reliable alternative, the responsibility often falls upon private hire taxi companies and couriers at a huge cost to the NHS and Charitable Health Organisations.

Whiteknights Yorkshire Blood Bikes and their team of volunteer bikers offer their transportation service for free. This saves the NHS a substantial amount of money; money that can be passed on to provide frontline patient care.

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Video production services

Stada Media hopes to contribute to the worthwhile cause by offering our video production services to help raise awareness.

The first video produced by our new partnership has already gained over 2000 views on the Whiteknights Facebook page. The video was created using head camera footage recorded by the organisation’s volunteer bikers over the last few months and aims to encourage bikers to volunteer their time to the cause. Volunteers are vital if Whiteknights want to maintain and grow the valuable service they provide.

Our future video campaigns, as part of our media partnership, will also encourage individuals and businesses to make regular donations. Fundraising is an essential part of any charity, and Whiteknights is no exception.


Out of hours services for the NHS

They not only have a fleet of seven bikes to continuously run and maintain, but they have made it their mission to grow their reliable out-of-hours service and further assist the overstretched NHS in Yorkshire. The charity has seen significant growth since they began in 2008, with major NHS trusts and Hospices seeing the huge benefit of their service in the Yorkshire region. They are intent on continuing to make a difference and we hope to help them on their way.

For more information about Whiteknights Yorkshire Blood Bikes, visit their website.


Find out more about the video production services that Stada Media provides on our Services page.

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