Our 5 Best Video Production Examples From Recent Projects

The best video production comes from a wealth of experience and knowledge in filming, editing, design, lighting and so much more. Therefore, as a corporate video company, it’s a good job that we’ve got that at Stada Media in the bucketloads!


In this blog post, we thought we’d give you a roundup of 5 recent video projects we were thrilled to be a part of. This list comprises some of our best video production – but it doesn’t end here. Check out our work and case studies pages to discover more!

There’s a mix of animation and live-action in here across different industries; you’ll soon get a feel for how varied our work can be. We love that every day and every week at Stada Media is different; plus, we’re always looking to venture where we’ve never been before with our work.


Let’s get into our 5 best video production examples from recent projects!


Guildford City Football Club – Promo Video

In this live-action video, we used emotion and storytelling to promote Guildford City FC‘s dream of one day reaching the Premier League.

We believe the best video production is all about storytelling, and that’s what we aimed to achieve with this video script. The narrator takes the viewer on a journey through Guildford City FC’s past, present and future with a poem that would pull on even the biggest football hater’s heartstrings!

Our crew travelled down south from our home city of Wakefield to Guildford to film a match day. During filming, we aimed to capture the raw emotion of everyone at the match; not just the players, but everyone in the stands and beyond.

Furthermore, we also created a 3D visualisation of the Guildford City football kit, shown at the end of the video. As a result, this added another layer of interest to the video and built excitement around the club’s future.

Enjoy the final video, which also includes a grainy look into the past at Guildford City FC players of years gone by!


Wakefield College – ‘Not Too Late’ TV Advert

We recently produced this TV advert for Wakefield College in partnership with Sky. The advert aimed to attract more students to enrol at the college ready for the new term.

For the video, we used motion graphics and stock images in an edgy, grungy style. The result was a fast-paced and snappy advert that would appeal to young people. After all, the best video production is that which entices its target audience with the right style and messaging!


Ecofill – Product Launch Video

Ecofill is on a mission to build a more sustainable future for construction. Their new technology transforms clays and sub-soils into approved structural fills, whilst reducing the spoils that go to landfill.

They wanted a motion graphics video that shouted about this new product to the industry. We jumped into this new and technical challenge, utilising resources across the entire team that really impressed the client.

We think this is some of our best video production to date. Give the video a watch to find out how Ecofill is transforming the construction industry and working to save the environment!


The Westminster Group – Queens Award Presentation Event Video

Next in our best video production examples from recent projects, we have The Westminster Group.

Global security company The Westminster Group asked us to come along and capture their event in Oxfordshire, where they were being presented with the Queens Award for Enterprise. A congratulations is in order!

This project involved a day of filming and a few days of editing, adding on motion graphics and animations that tied the whole video together.

On the day, we captured the award being presented, speakers and visitors. In addition, we were sure to get the company’s various security products and solutions on camera; these were on display to visitors throughout the day.

As a result, we produced a comprehensive and inspiring look into the event day, encouraging viewers to find out more about the company.


Just Travel Cover – Smart Luggage Animated Video

Smart Luggage is insurance company Just Travel Cover‘s innovative new travel insurance service.

The best video production projects happen with an enthusiastic team with fire in their bellies and a healthy bit of time pressure! This project had a quick turnaround and the team smashed it, sketching out a vibrant world with loveable characters.

The video lays out what Smart Luggage is, how it works and what benefits it brings to the customer.

Get stuck in above!


We’ve had a great time working on these recent video projects. It’s important sometimes to sit back and reflect on what you’ve achieved as a team! Now, onto the next challenge!


Any of these projects caught your eye? On the hunt for something similar for your business? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team of video experts today.

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