Why You Should Outsource Your Marketing

We’re about to tell you exactly how outsourced marketing lifts a massive weight off your business.

Marketing teams of all sizes have to juggle hundreds of balls on a daily basis. This is why you should outsource your marketing to a team with the time and with the focus.

For free time, saved money, and the outsourced marketing myths you should ignore – read on.

Outsourced marketing for when there aren’t enough hours in the day

With back-to-back meetings and reports to write, time has become a precious commodity. Sometimes, the most essential tasks get pushed down the to-do list. 

In this fast-paced, digital world, content is king. However, good content creation takes time.

When you’re stretched for time, it can be difficult to find the headspace to produce good material. However, content is the single most effective mechanism for engaging customers and prospects. This is a big reason why you should outsource your marketing.

Let’s remind ourselves why content matters. Good content:

  • Attracts the right traffic. Sharing optimised content across social media channels will help you reach new audiences. This is because you’ll be ranking higher on search engines.
  • Shows you care. Your audiences want to know you understand and care about their needs and values. They want to know you’re aiming to give them a great brand experience.
  • Enhances your brand. You may want to be seen as a technical expert, a thought leader, or hedonistic and carefree. Whichever you choose, your content will build a less direct relationship with your target audience. This means you won’t be constantly shoving sales in front of them. Instead, you’ll be providing relevant, thought-provoking information in a timely way. This generates brand warmth.
  • Builds personality. You are more than your company name and brand promise. You’re a collection of personalities that are absolutely unique. Great content will capture the essence, quirks and expertise of the people within the business. This should go hand-in-hand with the valuable services you offer your customers.
  • Generates leads. This is really what it’s all about. According to Demand Metric, good content generates 3x as many leads as traditional marketing. Once you understand what works for each customer segment, you can focus on high-value customers.


If you’re wondering how to create the best content distribution strategy, have a read of this post.

Outsourced marketing is faster, easier and cheaper

It’s not just about saving time, although that alone is very appealing. Here are 5 additional reasons why you should consider outsourced marketing.

  1. Keep ahead of industry updates. Your agency will be bang up-to-date on regulations around data security, opt-ins and technical developments. This means you won’t risk falling foul of any marketing legislation changes.
  2. Avoiding tunnel vision. You know everything about your product, but this can sometimes cloud what will strike a chord with your audiences. A good agency will help you distil the important messages for each segment. This will ensure there is a clear, focused message that highlights the benefits without getting too cluttered.
  3. A team of experts at your disposal. Instead of having one over-stretched content writer, your content marketing agency is available year-round. They have an expert team able to prepare, create and evaluate campaigns.
  4. Access to leading analytical tools. There are so many marketing automation and reporting tools available, it’s hard to keep track. What’s more, the cost of buying and maintaining them can be astronomical. However, your agency will have these tools available to analyse and evaluate campaigns on the go. The best thing is it’s all included in the fee.
  5. It’s not just writing. Video, design, infographics, and interactive content made by a creative team builds a rich, varied and engaging dialogue with your audience.


Busting the myths about outsourced marketing

Despite 62% of companies outsourcing content, it’s surprising how many frazzled marketing managers object to bringing in external help. Here are some of the main objections:

“They don’t know our business”

No, not yet – but this is a good thing. A fresh perspective from a customer’s point of view will make sure that industry jargon is chucked out. In its place, poignant, relevant content will flourish.

We talk more about the pre-production stage, where we first get to know you, in our post What Are The 3 Stages Of Video Production?

“It’ll take as much time to brief them as it would take to do it myself”

Roughly translated, this means, “I haven’t even got a spare hour to brief them”. Actually, this is all the more reason to make that time now and reap the rewards down the line.

“It’s too expensive”

If you’re hesitant to outsource because of budgetary concerns, consider this. Staying in-house means you will have to hire, train, and pay at least one person solely for content creation.

Companies looking to save money often turn to outsourced marketing to get more bang for their buck.

Outsourcing your marketing with agreed targets means you will have as much – if not more – control as you would in-house.

If this is the case, outsourced marketing might be a smart strategy.

Want to learn about how video production costs work? We’ve created a guide for you here.

At Stada Media, we’re experts in bespoke video production for your business. Let’s talk.

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