Pontefract Castle – winning a major contract with Wakefield Council

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve won a major contract to partner with Wakefield Council on their Pontefract Castle conservation project. The castle, which has seen many structural changes since its original build in 1070, is being given a major spruce up to the tune of £3.5 million!

During 2016, Wakefield Council will build a brand-new visitors’ centre, providing more facilities and space for workshops and activities in the castle grounds. These grounds already host a number of events throughout the year, and numbers of attendees are expected to rise with this new rejuvenation. Projects like this truly bring new life to forgotten cultural landmarks, and we’re excited to be a part of it.

The role given to us has a massive scope for creativity, and involves over a year of shooting video. It will be producing a full 30-minute documentary on the project, plus other shorter videos talking about the history of the castle, restoration efforts, the events that take place around the site, as well as educational materials. It’ll take every one of our great team to work together for a fantastic outcome!

Furthermore, we’ll also create a full 3D model of the castle in all its forms throughout the centuries, showing the difference between the castle remains as they appear now and the sheer vastness of Pontefract Castle in all its 17th century glory, before the English Civil War saw it completely destroyed.

Watch this space for a mixture of Grand Designs and Time Team!

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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.