Stada Media Commissioned To Produce A 20-Part TV Series

We’re incredibly pleased to announce that we’ve been commissioned to produce a 20 part TV series for Shadi Horsemanship.

The show will follow Shadi up and down the UK as he trains horses with behavioural difficulties. Already a popular and well respected horse trainer, Shadi will now take his work to a much bigger audience.

This commission now cements our move in to TV production, following on from the successful launch of a new TV channel on Sky TV for our clients BMTV earlier in the year.

We’re now well into Pre-Production on the TV series, the bit where we look at filming logistics and go through subjects and other filming scenarios. The show will be focused on Shadi visiting many horse owners who are having problems with their horses. We’ll follow Shadi as he works with the owners and their horse to resolve the problem through hands on training.


Mood boards

The team are already working on mood boards as we look at how best to shoot and present the TV series. Determining the style of the show is a massive part of the development and pre-production phase. This process includes settling on the right style of cinematography, do we go hand held with a more ‘reality tv’ feel, or are we aiming for a more cinematic and polished style. All determined during these early stages. Filming will take place between January and April 2015.

Due to the nature of the show we’ll only need a very small crew to follow Shadi around. This is often the best way to shoot documentary style projects like this as a bigger crew can really slow things down. For the most part we’ll have two camera operators (one will also be director) and a production assistant.

We’ll have more blog posts from behind the scenes on the shoot in the coming months.

The TV series, which doesn’t have an official title yet, will be released in late summer 2015. Watch this space for more updates!


Stada Media is a video production company based in London and Wakefield. We specialise in corporate video and TV production. To find out more about what we do, and to get a quote, contact us here.

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