Stada Media Expands As Demand For Video Production Services Increases

Two lockdowns accelerated the dramatic increase in companies doing business online in 2020. This has led to Stada Media expanding operations to deliver our video production services to even more clients.


Stada Media’s video production services enquiries increase by 120%

Stada Media is one of Wakefield‘s leading video production agencies. In 2020, we’ve seen corporate video production enquiries increase by 120%. This is compared to the same period in 2019. Although video has been on a sharp rise for some time, it’s now clear that there’s been a huge shift in business’ marketing strategies.

This came at the same time as a new study from Growth Intelligence in August 2020. Between March and July, over 85,000 UK businesses joined the online market.

Many businesses now see video production services as the gamechanger in increasing their online presence. For instance, video provides more digestible information about products or services. Therefore, when more people consume this content, the business’ online visibility increases.


Capitalising on the growth in online business

Now, Stada Media CEO Danny Lacey says he “wants to capitalise on the growth in online popularity as quickly as possible.” Danny has therefore recruited a new Marketing Manager to promote Stada Media to a wider audience.

Danny said: “The lockdown period has forced most companies to move what they do online.

“With a second lockdown, home working is here to stay for many. As a result, doing things online is becoming bigger than ever. This could be purchasing, communicating, or even reading and playing games.

“This means businesses need to ramp up their Google search visibility. Equally, they need to provide website visitors with a more engaging and informative experience. That’s where video production services come in.”


“I’ve always advocated the use of video production services”

Dave Smith was previously the Marketing Director at weighing scale manufacturer Marsden. He now joins Stada Media as Marketing Manager to “promote the benefits of video as an essential tool for any business wanting to grow online sales.” This follows the August appointment of Ben Dews as Director of Business Development.

Dave said: “Throughout my career I’ve always advocated the use of video production services. We all now want information quicker, clearer and more easily accessible than ever. In fact, 72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service by watching a video.

“Video is also a vital optimisation tool for your website. The more video content a website has, the higher it’s likely to appear in Google.

“Every business should know the power of video. Now, I’m delighted I’m in a position where I can promote video production services. It’s something I feel so passionate about.”


About Stada Media

Stada Media was founded in Wakefield in 2009 by Danny Lacey. We are a video marketing agency providing live-action, animation, 3D, motion graphics and live streaming services. Our clients include Leeds City Council, EMIS, Bodyform and Coral Windows.

Stada Media is striving to help even more businesses looking for commercial video production services in 2021. This includes ramping up live video production services to meet the rise in live streaming’s popularity.



Get in touch with Stada Media here for high-quality commercial video production for your business.

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