Stada Media Introduces ‘Results-Based Workplace’ For Increased Productivity

Stada Media has introduced a new and innovative ‘results-based workplace’ after seeing the practical and mental health benefits of a more flexible work-life balance for its team.


The company believes breaking from the outdated model of 9-5 and 40-hour weeks only makes sense in today’s society of advanced technology and mental health awareness.


Impact of the coronavirus outbreak

The initiative comes after the Stada Media team began working from home full-time at the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Communicating through platforms such as Microsoft Teams, the company was introduced to how effective remote working can be. It often focuses team communication, boosts team morale and heightens productivity.


How the results-based workplace will work

The quieter home environment paired with the lack of commute means smoother transitions into ‘work mode’. Meanwhile, focused digital channels and threads for client projects compartmentalises work a lot more successfully.

In their new results-based workplace, the Stada Media team are in complete control of their week. This is based on active projects and work commitments. This freedom of choice includes when and where they want to work. For example, in the office or at home; in the morning or in the evening.

However, to maintain smooth communication with clients, the business has put provisions in place. These provisions will ensure that calls are answered with no disruptions in standard working hours.


‘I trust the entire team’

Stada Media CEO and founder Danny Lacey hopes the results-based workplace will improve work-life balance, wellbeing and productivity.

He said:

‘This is an incredibly bold move for the business, but one I wholeheartedly believe will deliver even better results for our team and clients. I trust the entire team, and I know they will appreciate the new system and in return work even smarter to maintain our incredibly high standards.’

A time of growth

The announcement of the results-based workplace comes at an important time of growth for Stada Media. Sales and new client acquisitions have increased by 35% over the last 6 months. In addition, the business has been active in recruitment; Ben Dews was recently appointed as Director of Business Development.


Stada Media will continue to operate from its head office in Wakefield city centre. Furthermore, the company will continue to focus on its future strategy for creating the best possible working environment for its team. 


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