Stada Video Promotes Business Development Manager Catherine Bower To Chief Operations Officer

We are delighted to announce Stada Video has promoted its Business Development Manager, Catherine Bower, to Chief Operations Officer.


Effective immediately, Catherine Bower will focus on improving the business’ operations. In addition, she will be integral in delivering Stada Video’s goal to become a top UK content marketing company.

Catherine will continue to streamline processes and help the business develop, whilst maintaining the company’s key objectives. These include delivering quality and value to Stada Video customers.


‘Catherine Bower has had a huge impact’

Danny Lacey, CEO, Stada Video comments: “The decision made perfect sense to me. Catherine Bower has had a huge impact on how the business operates. Therefore, this promotion means she can continue to work on operations at a much higher level, with greater impact.

“Catherine will focus on improving systems and processes. As a result, this will enable us to continue to obsess about delivering excellence to our customers and team.”


Experience in business and sales

Catherine Bower has extensive experience in business development and sales. Now, she will transfer these strong skills over into this exciting new senior role.

As COO, she will make operations smoother for the team and clients. This will make projects more streamlined, keep team morale high and clients happy.

This promotion is just one of the many developments Stada Video has made and will be making in the near future. Ultimately, these all link back to the company’s goal to grow bigger and better.

Est. 2009, Stada Video produces head-turning video and marketing content for businesses across the UK.


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