Stada Media’s Video Technology Round-Up: April 2016

Everyone loves a good round-up! Here at Stada Media, there’s nothing we enjoy more than learning about the latest developments in video technology. Whether that’s the latest trends in video marketing, or innovative ways to ‘do’ video, knowing what’s happening in our industry is important if we’re to deliver a professional video production service that stands out from the crowd.

Feel like you’ve been out the loop on the visual front? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered…


Change what you look like in real-time

Sure, Snapchat’s been making a name for itself with ill-conceived efforts to do much the same this month, but researchers at Stanford University have taken it one step further. The team at the world’s third-best university unveiled video technology that seamlessly alters a person’s appearance to, in one instance, allow them to mimic George Bush Jr in real-time, among others.

CBS News, in its report, latched onto a very fair point: don’t believe what you see. This technology’s getting so clever that you really can’t trust what you think people are saying. The fact the much-maligned George Bush was Stanford’s selection for countless LOLs is perfect. His reputation precedes him, and you can easily assume that crazy things said by someone else on his behalf are true. Watch out for this one – as soon as it goes public, it’ll be everywhere, especially the likes of SNL and John Oliver.


Taking the lead from America: refs get the help they need

At a time when referees are being endlessly lambasted at a time of national importance (if you’re into that type of thing), it appears that a lifeline may be at hand. Fifa’s lawmakers have finally approved trials of live video technology to help on-pitch judgements, much like it’s used in the NFL. Goal-line technology’s one thing, but this takes it to a whole new level.

The International FA Board met in Cardiff and later confirmed to the assembled press that live trials of the technology – with applications still being worked out, but would not destroy the “fluidity of football” – will start by the 2017-18 season at the latest. Cricket and rugby are already using this video technology; perhaps it was only a matter of time.


How video discovers sound from inanimate objects

There are few times that we’re lost for words, but TED Talks generally manage to push our buttons to such a degree that we can’t believe what we’re hearing. Ever seen a bag of crisps recount a poem from behind soundproof glass? No? Here’s your chance. Clear 15 minutes, because this one’s well worth a watch.


Google Maps goes for a walk

Finally, it appears Google has caught onto the idea that people walk as well as drive. While we’ve had our fair share of time-lapse jokers over the years, Google needed something a little more alluring for its StreetView option – and a budding group of volunteers is taking them off the beaten track. Sure, we’ve seen the inside of offices, and underwater. But nothing quite beats someone carrying a complex 360-degree camera on their back to survey routes walked for centuries. Let’s go on an adventure.


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