Startling Video Marketing Statistics That Will Have You Hitting the Record Button In 2017

Video is taking over the internet.

More than 400 hours of video are uploaded every minute with 100 million users eager to consume that content every day… And these figures are constantly increasing. It’s predicted that 74% of consumer internet traffic will consist of online videos in 2017.

We could throw hundreds of video marketing statistics at you to show its growth in 2016. In the interest of maintaining your sanity, it might be a better idea to unpack the ideas behind the facts, helping you to make tangible video marketing decisions that will benefit your business.

Don’t get left behind

Be sure to make video marketing a key part of your campaign! It will be an important step in expanding your business in 2017.

According to Outbrain, 87% of online marketers currently use video content and 76% plan to increase their use of video marketing in the year to come. This is for a good reason: they have seen remarkable results.

Video marketing noticeably increases sales and brand engagement. Unruly reports that enjoyment of video ads increase purchase intent by a massive 97%. According to Tremor Video, 75% of online video viewers have interacted with an online video ad this month.

Video is shared 1200% more than text and links, demonstrating that video content will vastly increase your reach.

Everyone can benefit from video marketing

All businesses can benefit from video marketing. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business, university (86% of colleges and universities have a presence on YouTube), estate agent (real estate listings that include a video receive 403% more inquiries than those without) or business-to-business organisation (96% of B2B organisations use video in their marketing campaigns and 73% report positive results). Even niche companies can find an audience using video marketing.

Boost your website traffic by embedding video content

Video is not just a great way to deliver your message; it can also boost traffic throughout your entire website.

Search engines, such as Google, award a higher position to sites with a video embedded on the homepage. Unbounce reports that this can increase conversion by up to 80%. The average internet user also spends 88% more time on a site with video according to Mist Media.

Use video across your entire marketing campaign

Videos aren’t just effective on your website and social media. They are proven to provide value throughout all marketing mediums!

According to Rhythm and Insights, combining video with full page ads boosts engagement by 22% and a report published by Forrester shows that including video in an email increases click-through rates by a whopping 200-300%!

Grab your audience’s attention quickly

Finding your audience is one thing. Getting them to sit through the entirety of your lovingly produced video content is another. Time is valuable and attention spans are shorter than ever.

According to Visible Measures, 45% of viewers will stop watching a video after one minute and 60% by two minutes. Jun Group reports that videos that are 15 seconds or shorter are shared 37% more often than those that last between 30 seconds and one minute.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should produce shorter videos. However, grabbing your audience’s attention and making your point as quickly as possible is vital.

Get to know your audience

Video marketing statistics show that users have clear preferences. Currently, comedy is the most popular form of online video content. That’s followed by news and music according to Burst Media.

While we’re not suggesting that all your video content must include a comedy music number, it is worth investigating the preferences of your target audience and tailoring your content to those ideals.

Don’t underestimate mobile devices

Your masterpiece may be more impressive on a larger screen. Bear in mind though that a significant proportion of your audience will be using mobile devices.

YouTube has reported that mobile video consumption rises by 100% every year. 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others, according to Invodo.

Be sure to optimise your video for the small screen!

Use video within the workplace

Video has also proven itself to be an effective form of communication throughout the workplace. Currently, 75% of executives watch work-related videos at least once a week. And, according to Forbes, 59% of executives would rather watch video than read text.

A video is more likely to spark the interest of staff in comparison to a powerpoint slide. It’ll save a lot of time, too. They could be used to explain new software, implement new staffing procedures, or highlight innovation and growth within the company.

You can’t deny that these video marketing statistics are pointing to one thing: your business NEEDS video. Well, you’re in luck. Because from animated explainer videos to live streaming, Stada Media is your video production agency that has it covered. See what we can do, then get a video quote!

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