10 Ideas For Great Corporate Video Content

If you’re looking to extol the virtues of your company through the medium of the corporate video, it can often be hard to figure out exactly where to start. 

As a video production company, we always start with you start with what needs to covered. Getting your corporate video content, both in terms of what you need to include and how you could include it, down on paper is a fundamental step and will help you decide what you need to film and who you’ll need in the business to help you.

To give you a rolling start, we’ve listed ten examples of popular, and easily done, corporate video content. Follow this list, get filming and your video marketing strategy will be up and running in no time.

Note: You should always plan your corporate video strategy as not just one video, but several. For example, short social media edits, or videos covering specific areas of the business for different pages of your website.

Interview your staff on why they love their job

This is a fantastic place to start, as it puts names and faces to your company. It’s an oft-used tactic for this reason. Consider all of the times you’ve seen an organisation as a faceless entity, and how that’s influenced your impression of them. Giving a human edge to your offering – especially with outgoing, happy people – can really link you to new and potential customers.

A day in the life

Follow someone throughout the day – so long as they’ve got a pretty varied schedule! – and film the important parts. You can do it as a fast-forward-based piece, timelapsing between key moments. It doesn’t have to be long – it just needs to show how much is achieved during the average day.

A great example of these first two points is this video from the Adobe careers page.

An office (or campus!) tour

This one’s as basic as it goes, and may need relatively regular updating, but it’s a cracking way to give people a feel for your brand. Many people may be put off this in terms of how corporate an office may look to a standard viewer. So, think outside the box – tours of a local area that inspires and supports the company, as well as the creation of Easter eggs for eagle-eyed viewers to spot!

Here’s an example of a hyper-lapse campus tour video we created for Bradford College.

Successful project breakdown

Have you got a project, product or experience you’re proud of creating? Storyboard it, including all of your learnings and future plans, and get it out there! You could go one step further and create a case study video – with quotes from the client you’ve delighted.

Company history video

It’s usually considered as a place to start in corporate video, but many tend to stick to a corporate history/about us page on their website. It’s usually fine to do that, but it’s certainly worth focusing on the possibility of having a video on that same page to enhance the content (don’t forget the huge impact video content has on your website’s visibility in Google).

How it’s made

Sometimes, you have a product that may be so innovative, exciting or downright strange to create. Why not walk your customers through what you offer, and how you do it? This makes great corporate video content, because customers they see the amount of work that goes into making your product, you could find yourself with an even more appreciative consumer base.

Post-show report

Attending a show? Record your feedback on it, especially quickly – immediately after the event, or within a couple of days, is usually perfect. It shows you have your finger on the pulse, and you’re actively involved in the communities or the industry you serve.

Job roles breakdown

Sometimes, job titles can be deceiving. Remove all possible questions raised about an individual’s role by recording snippets of each person, especially in a chain of work – see how your jobs are handed between key players.

Feel-good charity partnership

If you’re involved in charity work, promote it! Speak to key people behind the partnership, and those who are better off as a result of your work. Just make sure you get the tone of the video right – you want it to be positive, and not too self-promoting. Focus on what’s important!

Product explainer videos

Finally, why not simply demonstrate how well your product works? This may only work for certain companies, but it can be as simple as showing running clothing being used on a track, or a coffee machine being worked by a trained barista, or even just a phone cover protecting a mobile from wear and tear. Be exciting and creative – don’t just do standard boring shots. Be prepared to be funny or entertaining!

Here’s a product explaner video we created for Brandon Medical.

So what are you waiting for? Start planning some great corporate video content now! If you’re making your corporate video yourself, here are some tips on how to make a corporate video.

Of course, if you need help with creating your corporate video, or you need extra guidance on great corporate video content, speak to Stada Media. We’re your corporate video production company – providing added ‘WOW!’ with every video we make!

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