The Content Marketing Leeds And Wakefield Businesses Need To Succeed In 2022

As 2022 kicks into gear, many Leeds and Wakefield-based business professionals like yourself will be drawing up their content plans for the year ahead. How can you maximise marketing content opportunities to make an impact in the new year? Let’s find out with the content marketing Leeds and Wakefield businesses should be taking advantage of in 2022.


There are many types of content marketing, from blog posts (like this one) to podcasting to video. That’s why we’ve included a range of examples here to offer content marketing Leeds and Wakefield audiences will truly get value from!

Wakefield and Leeds are thriving hubs for business development. So, now’s the time to take advantage of that and create some great content!


Introduce the faces behind your business with a ‘meet the team’ video

The content marketing Leeds and Wakefield businesses need should focus on human connection and the power of people.

A ‘meet the team’ video instantly humanises your company by introducing the people behind the machine. Your audience will suddenly associate your products and services with real people just like them. As a result, they’re more likely to trust and purchase from your brand.

In the example above, we sat down with the team at Leeds-based Radar Healthcare to film a video just like this. The video aimed to highlight the company’s people and values; not only that, but in a way that reflects the team’s friendly and down-to-earth personalities.



Promote your business by capturing your events on video

Video production plays the starring role in the content marketing Leeds and Wakefield businesses will benefit from this year. There are many types of video production to take your pick from.

Next time you host an event, think about how much further you could extend its lifespan if you filmed it. 

A polished, professional event video can add something exciting to your marketing mix. Firstly, it’s a great way to promote your business and show that you’re active in the industry. Secondly, it can maximise the people who see your event beyond just the in-person attendees.

For example, we shot the above event highlights video for Wakefield BID. Wakefield BID were hosting the very first Wakefield BID Awards at Wakefield Cathedral; as such, they wanted to capture this important event in the best way possible. The answer? High-quality, professional video production!


Position yourself as an industry thought leader with an insightful podcast

However, it’s not just visual content making up the content marketing Leeds and Wakefield companies need to look out for this year.

The audio experience is having a renaissance. Podcast popularity is steadily increasing, racking up 15 million listeners last year and 20 million forecasted by 2024. People are listening to podcasts in the car, doing chores, walking and more. Plenty of places to catch your audience with your valuable content!

That’s why many business owners and professionals are now hosting their own podcasts to share knowledge. Not only is this incredibly useful for your audience, but it also raises your profile in a competitive market (and many are extremely London-focused!). Only YOU can do you – and that’s why a podcast about your experiences is so valuable.

For example, check out Stada Media CEO Danny Lacey‘s podcast, Diary of an Entrepreneur (or listen above). Danny covers all areas of business ownership and entrepreneurship, pledging to always be completely honest. As a result, this valuable content not only builds up a loyal following for Danny but also draws a wider audience to his services.

Get started with podcasting by learning what podcast equipment you need here.


Explain your product or service with an engaging animation

When you’ve got a complex or intangible service, such as data management software, animation saves the day. It can simplify and polish confusing or niche ideas into engaging visuals for your audience. Furthermore, animation often stands the test of time longer than other techniques, which may date quicker. It’s also quick to update and add to if need be.

Animated explainer videos have grown in popularity in the last few years. Therefore, in 2022, they remain an important example of the content marketing Leeds and Wakefield businesses should utilise.

For example, above is an animated explainer video we created for Leeds business EMIS Health. The animation breaks down their complex healthcare data management software into a digestible piece of content. As a result, their audience is more likely to trust their product and feel confident about investing in it.


Invest in high-quality design

We don’t often talk about graphic design on the blog, but it’s very important in the content marketing world. Therefore, you should definitely consider it a key player in the content marketing Leeds and Wakefield businesses will be using this year.

Graphic design feeds into almost every aspect of content, whether it’s video, online copy or print. Although we stress that video is the most powerful marketing medium to use right now, design is certainly close behind. After all, you can’t have great video without great design first. It plays an important role across many projects, so don’t hesitate to accelerate your design capabilities in 2022!

Our top tip: consider expanding your design team, or carving one out if you don’t already have it. Skilled designers could become invaluable resources for you to put an unmistakable stamp on your content.


Live stream your events to expand their reach

We’ve already talked about capturing your events on pre-recorded video, but what about live streaming? This technique can turn your event engagement up a notch if you’re looking for real-time results.

Live streaming is continuously increasing in popularity, especially after the global pandemic forced events online; 74% of marketers said the pandemic made them more likely to use video. Using live streaming extends not only your event’s lifespan, but its audience, too. You could have viewers from all over the world suddenly exposed to your products or services!

For example, for the aforementioned Wakefield BID Awards, our team also live streamed the entire event. Not only that, but this included an exclusive pre-show for live stream viewers. As a result, the event was a massive success in the district and received a lot more engagement than if it had not been filmed.

Out of all the types of content marketing Leeds and Wakefield business can leverage in 2022, live streaming is definitely one to watch.

Learn more about why live streaming is the most popular video marketing technique right now here.


These Leeds and Wakefield businesses definitely benefited from content marketing in 2021. What’s more, they’ll certainly be taking these tools into 2022 to continue achieving their goals. Will you join them and prove how successful Leeds and Wakefield business can be?


If you’re looking for expert content production, you’ve come to the right place. Stada Media creates content to WOW your audience, and we’ve got over 10 years’ experience to prove it. Get in touch with our friendly team about content production today.

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