The Importance Of Video Marketing In Today’s World

How has the world changed in the last decade? Firstly, digital marketing has exploded. More people use the internet today than ever before. Secondly, marketing has become extremely competitive. Therefore, the importance of VIDEO marketing and getting ahead of the curve has never been more apparent.


Today’s world is made up of saturated markets and competitive landscapes. Companies are forced to get innovative to stay current and get noticed; what’s more, certain types of marketing are continuously coming out on top.

The most significant example of this is video marketing. In the last 5 years, video marketing’s popularity has exploded on an unprecedented level. What’s more, video marketing in the COVID-19 pandemic made it clear that effective digital communication is more crucial to our society than ever.

But why have these trends emerged?

In this blog post, we’re exploring the importance of video marketing in today’s world. What makes video marketing the go-to marketing technique for countless businesses across the world? Read on…


The internet and social media play a huge role in your audience’s purchasing habits

Everyone and their nan is using the internet to do their shopping today, whether they’re a trendy Instagrammer or just-about-know their way around Google.

The internet offers an unfathomable amount of choice to today’s consumer, and it’s much more convenient than travelling to individual shops. While brick and mortar businesses still play an important role, it’s no secret that e-commerce has become more and more appealing to audiences.

Therefore, your business needs to keep up – and a great place to start is video marketing. If you haven’t set up your own website or social media profiles, this is your first step. Once you have these, intrigue your audience immediately by posting a high-quality marketing video that effectively sums up what you do.

When you start seeing exciting results from your video, only then will you truly know the importance of video marketing!


People’s attention spans are decreasing – fast

Another reason why the importance of video marketing is increasing is because attention spans are DE-creasing.

Video is a quick, digestible and memorable medium, and it’s such a big hit with audiences today for these reasons. People can learn what they need to know about your company in under 30 seconds instead of through reading reams of text.

A good way to appeal to your audience’s shortening attention spans is to split your content up into a video series. Each video can be super short – perhaps 1 minute long – and cover an individual topic or question. That way, you’re presenting your content in bitesized chunks – exactly what makes your easily distracted viewer’s heart sing.

However, it’s also important to keep your viewers’ attention. The average video watch time is around 3 seconds because people nowadays are so easily distracted. Have a read of this blog post to find out how to keep your viewers engaged for longer than 3 seconds.


Communication in a post-lockdown world

This will come as a surprise to no one. The importance of video marketing, and online communication as a whole, was starkly highlighted during the days of lockdown. It was the only way many businesses could stay connected with their customers, finding new methods to present their products and services remotely.

Although we are just about out of the lockdown woods, our world and how it communicates has changed forever. Video was the most popular marketing medium before the pandemic; after the pandemic, it’s got even bigger, and is clearly here to stay.


Google prioritises video

The way Google arranges its search results also shows the importance of video marketing in today’s world.

Google loves video so much that it often places it right at the very top of search results. This is especially true if you search a simple or popular query it can easily pull video results for – such as ‘How to tie shoelaces’. If you search this into Google, you’re almost guaranteed to get a video result featured at the top so you can get your answer quickly.

And that’s exactly why Google loves video. It’s engaging and gives users that instant gratification they crave – something they can’t get from scrolling through multiple webpages.

However, to get to the top of Google with your video you still have to do a bit of grafting. Find out how to boost your video marketing SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) here.


Markets are becoming increasingly saturated

More and more companies are doing the same thing equally as well, meaning customers are split between them and none of them can get the leg up they want. Furthermore, it simply makes the marketplace too noisy and no one can be heard over one another.

This can only mean one thing – bringing out a weapon that’s guaranteed to see you victorious over your competitors. What’s that, you ask? It’s video marketing.

Of course, it depends on your industry and specialism as to whether video marketing is the PERFECT solution to standing out. However, it’s pretty safe to argue that it covers many, many bases. Even if your main focus in marketing is something else, you should still incorporate video in there to bolster your efforts and keep up with the times.


Of course, this is just a snapshot of why video marketing is crucial in today’s world. The importance of video marketing stretches far beyond what we can fit into one blog post. Therefore, we highly recommend you check out our other posts on video on the Stada Media blog!


If it’s video marketing help you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place. Stada Media is a fully-equipped, expert content production house based in Wakefield, UK. We create WOW content for businesses across the country. If your business needs a boost, get in touch about video production here!

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