Viral Plane Landing Video: The Optimus Prime Of Animation

Videos of windy and un-nerving airplane landings are a growing popularity online. One such video from last month uses animation to take a slightly different approach, though.

A YouTube video entitled ‘Spectacular landing at Frankfurt Airport’ surfaced on December 2nd, 2015 and to viewers, gave the impression of a mediocre mobile video of a Boeing 77 landing at Manchester.

That is until the video reaches the 45-second mark.

Because at that point, using breathtaking animation, the plane transforms into a robot, that looks highly similar to that of a transformer. “Alright, I’ll admit it. I legitimately did not see that coming” YouTube user Gabe Johnson wrote. “Way cooler than the movies! Why couldn’t the Transformers look that great?!” said another.

You can watch the video for yourself here.

3 million views

The video itself took me by surprise. For a split second I genuinely thought the video may be real due to the very life like and detailed transformation of the plane. Unfortunately, as the video progresses it becomes less believable and life like due to the potty humour. Literally. But, I can’t deny that the effort and skill put into the animation in the video is immaculate.

Animation work like this takes a huge amount of time, animation know-how and creativity – and the work gone into this video is Hollywood-level.

The video was uploaded on YouTube by Michael Schmidt, and had (deservedly) received almost 3 million views in the first week it was uploaded, although the media and public seem unsure as to whether this is the original source. If anyone does know the genius who created this viral hit, get him to give us a call!

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