Top Tips For Creating Effective Animated Videos For Business

Creating video content for your business is one of the best ways to expand your reach and engage with your audience. If done correctly, video marketing can yield a multitude of benefits — from boosting website traffic to increasing those all-important sales figures. Creating animated videos for business, in particular, can really turn your marketing around.


To help you get off on the right foot, here are a few handy tips for creating animated videos for business. If you implement some or all of these, you’ll increase your chances of viewers taking action.


Keep it short

Internet users crave content that is short and to the point. Furthermore, short video is even more suited to animation. For example, reports show that 45% of viewers stop watching a video after one minute. Therefore, try to keep your animated videos for business less than 60 seconds. 30 seconds is even better!

If your video is more of a long-form educational piece, consider cutting it up into smaller, bite-sized chunks. As a result, making your video into a series will keep your viewers coming back for more.


Choose one specific focus

Have one clear message for each of your animated videos for business. Otherwise, without a takeaway, you’ll lose viewers’ interest and approval. For example, try to focus on one particular benefit of your product or service. Remember, you can always save any other ideas for your next video!

Keeping a key objective in mind will help you to maintain focus and direction when developing a video concept. What’s the one thing you want the viewer to do after watching?


Get to the point

We live in an age of low attention spans and immediate gratification. Studies have shown that 20% of people click away from a video within the first 10 seconds if the content isn’t engaging enough.

So, put your key message towards the beginning of your animated videos for business. This means cutting out lengthy intros and fancy animated sequences that delay your message. Nobody cares about your company at this point!


Include your call-to-action before your viewers lose interest

Every video you upload has the potential to navigate a viewer elsewhere: to your website; to watch another video; to download an ebook; or to sign up for an email newsletter.

Add a relevant call-to-action in a clear and contextual manner in your animated videos for business. For example, maybe as a lower third or clickable button. However, don’t wait until the end of the video or you will lose a large proportion of valuable leads, sales or clicks. Very few people will watch your video right to the very end!


Remember, it’s about them, not you!

Only present information in your animated videos for business that is useful or interesting to your viewers. It’s not about the history of your company, your team or all the awards you’ve received; it’s about the value you can provide.

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Show that you understand and empathise with their wants and needs. Instead of reeling off all the awesome features of your product, demonstrate how it can solve a common problem they might have.


Tell your viewers a story

Avoid creating animated videos for business that resemble force-fed sales pitches. Instead, you should be looking to entertain and engage your audience!

Delivering your message in the form of a story will make your video more memorable. Furthermore, it will create an emotional connection between customer and company. If you can get your viewer to really feel something, they are more likely to respond to your call-to-action.

This is where using animation is especially effective, because it’s universally appealing and evokes positive emotion. Furthermore, you can use animated characters to carry the story and pull at your viewers’ heartstrings!


Take full advantage of social media

Uploading your animated videos for business to YouTube and embedding it on your website isn’t going to unleash video marketing’s full potential. Instead, maximise your video’s reach by sharing it on all social media platforms. However, don’t just post a link to the YouTube video and be done with it!

One size doesn’t fit all, so get creative and do something a little different on each platform. For example, experiment with different lengths, edits, captions and hashtags. But, above all else, be sure to upload your video directly to each platform. Native videos get prioritised by social media algorithms, so will get more views!


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