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When you use a TRAINING VIDEO, you’re saving countless amounts of time and money that you might have spent training over and over again.

A training video created by Stada Media allows you to become a teacher in your industry. Whether you’re training staff or customers, it’s the most effective way to teach audiences. Plus, you can save countless resources, allowing users to follow training at home, and at their own pace.


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What is a training video?

A training video is a useful and digestible piece of educational content that you can repurpose again and again for your business. If you’ve got a product that needs a little more explanation on first use, or your employees are being trained on some new equipment, this is the perfect video for you.

Training videos usually feature one speaker who both talks to the camera to create viewer engagement, and is shown using the product or service for complete transparency. Alternatively, animation can be used to make complex subjects simple and engaging.

1. Have an engaging speaker.

Your speaker needs to glue your audience to their seats from the very first word. They can’t sound monotone or bored – they need to be visibly and audibly enthusiastic about what they’re training their audience on. Get a good selection of potential talent or good speakers from within your company, and choose the most engaging voice!

2. Make every shot count.

In a training video, you’ve got to be showing your audience the right things. If you’re telling them to press a certain button on a machine, but you aren’t actually SHOWING them this… you can’t expect them to understand your instructions! This may be stating the obvious, but each shot has to be crystal clear as to what it's illustrating.

3. Keep a good pace.

As well as telling your audience everything they need to know, you can’t linger for too long. Make sure you’re moving between steps in your training video swiftly, whilst also ensuring that you’ve explained them well. This will keep viewers engaged throughout.

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