Our New Favourite Video: ‘Unconditional Rebel’ And Slow Motion Video

Released around this time last year, the music video ‘Unconditional Rebel’ by Siska, written and directed by Guillaume Panariello probably took longer to upload to Vimeo than it did to shoot. This ‘living and dreamlike mural’ as described by the director, is the shortest shooting of a music video ever.

Shot using a Phantom Flex 4K camera at 1000frames/second from a car driving at 50km/h and 80 extras, this eye catching video has been prolonged to an astonishing 3.5 minutes. Admittedly, the video does involve the use of special effects, but the majority of what you see is down to single-take slow motion video. Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself.

You can watch the video below.



Using slow motion video

Whilst the example above is a music video, and using slow motion may very much be seen as a gimmick, it’s also a pretty effective – and useful – technique when creating video content for your business.

And, it doesn’t take a video production company to create a slow motion video, either. Today, many smartphones have a slow motion function available. Failing that, there are apps like Motionleap and SpeedPro Slow Speed Video Editor.

So, why should you consider slow motion video?


Slow motion video creates suspense

Slow your video down and it creates suspense for the viewer. Using it as a build-up to a climax will encourage the viewer to play close attention to what they’re watching, adding to the impact of the climax at the end.


You can emphasise different parts of your video

Slow your video down at specific points and it will draw attention to those moments. Slowing down some parts of your video can also add emphasis to the standard-speed moments that follow.


Slow motion makes aspects of your video clearer

Slowing down the pace can also allow you to show a process or action in more detail, which may be particularly effective if it’s an in-depth explainer video. Or, if your video is showcasing a product, you may wish to focus more heavily on a specific aspect of the product. Slow the video down at the right point, job done.


Want to know more about slow motion video – or have an idea for a corporate video that will need some slo-mo? Speak to Stada Media. We create video with added ‘WOW!’ – take a look at our video production examples here, then give us a call on 0113 403 2037!

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