How To Use Live Streaming Video To Boost Your Business

Since it burst onto the social media scene a couple of years ago, live streaming video has been unstoppable. New platforms – from the likes of Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Youtube and more – have been popping up left, right and centre.

It’s quickly become clear that live streaming is going to dominate social media… It’s proving itself to be a powerful new tool in the marketing toolbox.

Live streaming allows businesses to break down barriers and connect with large audiences in real time – something not possible before. It’s a fantastic new way to create a more interactive brand experience and boost audience engagement. Now, more than ever, live streaming should be a key part of your video marketing strategy.


Tips for a successful live stream

Hosting a live stream event can seem a little bit daunting, so it’s worth taking the time to plan your approach before you hit record. Consider the following tips to ensure your stream runs smoothly and provides your audience with the most value…


Notify your audience ahead of time

Build anticipation by posting about your live stream before the event. Be sure to let your audience know exactly when and where they need to tune in. Ideally, give them about one day’s notice.


Keep an eye on the comments

Connect with your viewers and make them feel valued by answering any questions that appear in the comments. And don’t forget to address users directly by their name or handle.


Avoid any possible disputes

If you’re not recording in your own premises, make sure you have permission to film. Turn off any background music that you don’t own the rights to. Don’t share sensitive information or film individuals who haven’t expressed a wish to participate.

In other words, exercise a bit common sense and be mindful of who/what you include in your live stream.


Expand your reach

On many live streaming platforms – including Facebook and Youtube – your stream is automatically saved after the event. From there, you can share the video on other social media platforms and embed it on your blog – a great way to maximise the reach of your video content!


4 ways to use live streaming video for your business

Next, you need to decide what you’re actually going to stream.

To begin with, run a variety of different sessions and find what resonates with your audience. Once you’ve discovered your magic formula, aim for consistency – perhaps a weekly, or even daily, stream – so your audience can tune in regularly. Consistency is key to maintaining an engaged audience.

Here are a few ideas to get you started…


Broadcast live events

Are you attending a conference or local event? Or perhaps you’re organising your own? Share it with your followers live! Walk around and talk them through the event. Ask them what they want to see and answer any questions that pop up in the comments!


Host interviews

Interviews are the perfect way to show the human side of your company. Interview your employees, clients or important figures in your niche, encouraging them to share their personal ideas, experiences and opinions. Give your audience the opportunity to ask their own questions and vocalise any interesting points that arise in the comments.


Go behind the scenes

Give your audience a glimpse into the inner workings of your brand. You could show them how your product is created or take them with you into a staff meeting – anything that is typically off-limits will interest and engage users!


Host Q&A sessions

Show your audience that you care about their thoughts and opinions and give them a chance to ask about any concerns or areas of interest. Try selecting a specific topic for each Q&A session to provide a focus. This will help encourage discussion and engagement.


Ok, so what are you waiting for? Start planning your first live stream today with Stada Media. We provide a full live streaming service so that you can reach more customers more effectively and ‘in the moment’. Find out about our live streaming services here. We provide more tips on successful live streaming here.

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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.