Why Should You Be Utilising User-Generated Content?

You’ll hear ‘user-generated content’ (UGC) a lot over the course of the year, with many brands and agencies arguing that it encourages a sense of authenticity. They’re not wrong. Argued to be one of the most effective forms of content in the marketplace right now, it’s worth looking at ways to incorporate into your own marketing strategies.

Still not convinced? Here are some more reasons why you should give UGC a go:

Budget Management

Simply put, by opting for UGC you’re slashing your spend in half. Video and photo content is extremely important to your marketing campaigns – and also costly. Why not crowdsource the content you need at no additional cost? There is an endless pool of great content that has already been created.

It Works

You can select content that already gets the engagements you seek. Looking for content featuring the best sights in the city? Why not look at content that has already got the traction. The hard work, in many ways, is already done for you! Also by sharing content you know people love, you are also in with the chance of having your own posts shared and credited to you – expanding your reach and engagements once more.

Crowd Pleaser

Endorsing someone else’s content does a great deal for the ego and flattery will get you everywhere where social media is concerned. Celebrate your customers and watch the respond with even more endorsements. Stroking the ego of your targeted audience will serve you very well.


The more you engage with your customers and are endorsed by your customers, the more trust you will gain overall. Using UGC gives your business a more genuine public personality. Overly branded content can feel stuffy and untrustworthy to the consumer. It’s important to inject a touch of fun into your content.

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