Using Corporate Video Production to Enhance Every Stage of the Customer Journey

Convincing potential customers to give you their custom is no easy feat. Very few people will be willing to hand over their hard-earned cash after seeing one advert or sales pitch. Most consumers go through a more complex decision process. However, corporate video production is a powerful tool for improving conversions and can increase purchase intent by a massive 97%.

Having one quality video is a good start, but creating individual videos to guide your prospects through every stage of the funnel will really supercharge your sales process.

Let’s find out which types of corporate video production are best for each stage of the customer journey…

Top of the funnel

The first stage of the customer journey is about creating interest and brand awareness. Present your brand’s values and vision with corporate video production by using a company profile video. Avoid any hard-selling tactics. This isn’t a sales pitch; you’re simply getting to know each other.

Middle of the funnel

So, you’ve got your lead’s attention with corporate video production. Now it’s time to demonstrate exactly what you have to offer. Simply the process of explaining your product by breaking down its features and benefits in a clear and concise explainer video.

Bottom of the funnel

It’s decision time. Your lead is almost ready to become a paying customer, they just need some final encouragement. Prove your credibility with corporate video production by using a testimonial video featuring some of your current clients. Hearing the positive experiences of others will increase your potential customer’s confidence in your brand and justify their decision.

Beyond the funnel

The journey is far from over after you’ve won the custom of your lead. Build further on the relationship using corporate video production and you’ll earn yourself a repeat customer.

Establish yourself as a valuable source of information with a series of tutorials or product demonstration videos. Not only will this help your customers make the most of their product, but answering FAQS in an efficient format will take the pressure off your customer support team.

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