Using Video Production And Animation To Revive Your Marketing

Video production and animation is a creative, fun and incredibly successful way to increase engagement with your brand.

HubSpot, Video Brewery and Switch Video collected the 50 best explainer videos and only 7 of them are non-animated – meaning 86% are animated.

While great animation is definitely easier to achieve and chop and change than live-action video, this doesn’t mean that it takes no effort at all.

Clever animation requires a lot more skill than one might assume, so it’s best to use an experienced agency to create it.

So, what’s involved in making an animated video?
  1. Script and storyboard. This is where you write your video script, decide the video length and characters, and draw up the storyboard. The storyboard shows what the video will look like, shot by shot.
  2. Voiceover and music. Sound is just as important as your visuals. This is the stage where you choose your soundtrack and/or voice actor (if any). The sound will set the vibe for the video.
  3. Production. Bringing all of these elements together, and to life, in a clever animation.
Why should I be using animated video in my marketing?

Great question. You may be thinking, what’s wrong with live-action video?

Nothing at all – yet video production and animation, in particular, has special characteristics and benefits definitely worth considering when giving your marketing a refresh.

Video production and animation is lesser-known as a marketing technique.

People are used to seeing live-action video, such as TV ads, so an animated video is less likely to immediately turn your audience off to your message.

The times when an audience is turned off are largely when it feels like another sales pitch. Animations feel a lot more genuine and educational.

Animation is also traditionally associated with entertainment, such as children’s cartoons. This makes it perfect for engaging people.

Animation simplifies complex ideas.

And therefore, animation is perfect for content like explainer videos which play a huge part in marketing today.

Animated video communicates information quickly, clearly, and easily.

Animated characters often help with this – they act as the vehicle for your video’s story or message with viewers empathising with them.

Did you know that the information you retain in a minute of video is equal to almost 2 million written words?!

That’s a surefire reason to consider an animated explainer video – and returning to the statistic on explainer videos at the start of this post, it seems everyone has caught onto their magic too.

With animation, the possibilities are endless.

Like we’ve highlighted in our earlier post on 3D animation, you can achieve the impossible with video production and animation.

You can create anything you want, even if it doesn’t exist – the world is your animated oyster!

Animation also gives you the freedom to create a new look for the world – unlike with live-action, you’re not limited to how things already appear.

Finding your unique animation style will then award you brand recognition and recall from your audience.

Finally, if you were just thinking video production and animation might not ‘fit’ your brand, never fear – because its endless opportunities mean that it can be used to market anything!

Animation boosts your conversion rate.

While there are so many great things about animation, sales is probably very high on your list of priorities.

You don’t need to worry about this at all – in fact, you should get excited, because:

Users are 100% more likely to spend more time on a website if it includes video content.

After that, 64% of users are more likely to convert after watching your video.

What do these stats tell us? Animation increases sales and brings you more customers!

Our top tip on this one is to always include a CTA (Call To Action) at the end of your video. This will push customers considering your product or service to take further action.

Animation makes us nostalgic.

In today’s world, we have much more access to material from previous generations than we used to, which means more of us are turning to nostalgia as a coping mechanism.

Watching an animated video can bring back fond memories of childhood cartoons. Animated characters, in general, create a feeling of comfort and fondness in viewers, which in turn engages them more with the video.

Remember, the majority of purchasing decisions are driven by emotion, not hard facts.

Animation is a lot more flexible than live-action.

Think about it: you don’t have to look for actors, a set, or props.

You also don’t need to spend more time editing the video after you’ve filmed it.

While live-action video has amazing benefits for brands’ marketing, if you have less money and time animation is a much better alternative.

It’s cheaper, quicker, and more forgivable to make.

The fashions, styles and information in live-action quickly go out of date, but you can return to and alter animated video very easily.

Animation is best for sensitive topics.

Animated characters are less intimate than filmed people, who may have personal connections to the topic being covered.

When animation is used, the tone doesn’t stray from simply informative and stays focused on the message.

Animation improves website user experience.

UX (User Experience) is extremely important for any brand’s website. Today customers expect a simple online experience, and the informative ease of animation will fulfil this expectation brilliantly.

In addition, an animation keeps the look and feel of a website consistently digital, enabling it to blend into the user experience more seamlessly.

Animation is perfect for social media.

Social media is one of the biggest players in marketing today.

54% of social browsers use social media to browse products, and the figure is growing all the time.

Using video production and animation will kill two birds with one stone: it will engage your audience, yes, but it will also harness the power of social media through the simplicity and fun social media content is recognised for.

Social media content needs to be short and sweet. Animations are perfect for this format because, as we’ve said, they can communicate complex ideas in a very short space of time.

Animation is also very visually appealing, which is great for stopping that itch to scroll.

Naturally, visually appealing content also gets more shares – a huge 92% of mobile video viewers share video content with others on social media.

Animation is also engaging enough that it can draw audiences in without sound.

Autoplay, which is now active on all major social platforms, means that video content starts playing without sound to draw the user in before they decide to unmute and watch properly.

Because of this, a lot of social videos also use subtitles for an even more successful pull when they’re seen on the feed.

These are huge reasons why 85% of Facebook video is watched muted.

Animation helps you tell your story.

Your brand story is one of the most important aspects of your business. Where did you come from? What do you believe in? What are your goals for the future?

Animation, with its vivid and engaging visuals, can help you bring this story from the abstract to the screen.

You can use unique characters and objects to present your story to the world.

By marketing your brand by using emotional storytelling and harnessing why you are unique, you will improve your brand recall and recognition enormously.

Animation boosts your SEO.

If you have an animated video on your business’ website, it will show search engines that your content is rich with quality media.

Search engines rank websites higher when they feature videos, in response to the ever-growing demand for more online video content.

Animation improves corporate communications.

Animation can work a treat for changing perceptions of your business from boring and corporate to fun and engaging.

You couldn’t do this with a live video – you can make anything and everything fun with animation.

Animation can also help you train your staff in a comprehensible, interactive and stimulating way.

Phew! That should have been more than enough to persuade you to try animation for your brand.

That said, don’t go without reading our top tips for video production and animation!

Stada Media’s top tips for a great animated video
  • The more creative you are, the more memorable your animation will be. Don’t be afraid to animate outside the box.
  • Animation is definitely the best way to go if you’re trying to communicate abstract information or complicated processes.
  • Fun visuals will create interest in the message. Make sure they both align.
  • Finally, as we’ve already said… experience goes a long way. Animation can be good, but it can go one step further and be amazing if you utilise a team of experts. Talk to Stada Media today about your animation!

Stada Media are experts in 2D and 3D animation – we can inject the fun and personality you may be hunting down for your brand’s marketing, using amazing video content. Click here to find out more.

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