Using YouTube to Benefit Your Business

With over 1.3 billion users, YouTube is a platform that can not be ignored. Its reach and power have been demonstrated time and time again by the many creators who have launched successful careers through YouTube alone.

Imagine the effect it could have on your already-established business! Let’s take a closer look at how you could harness the power of YouTube to boost your business and marketing strategy…

Connect with a wider audience

YouTube boasts over a billion users, with millions of hours of video content being watched on a daily basis. Tapping into this massive user base will allow you to expand your audience and build a community around your brand.

  • Maintain an engaged audience and encourage users to subscribe by posting video content on a regular basis. There’s no need to be too ambitious; just aim for consistency. How about creating a series of how-to videos featuring your product or tackle some common questions about your industry?
  • Keeping your Youtube channel’s branding consistent with your website and social media profiles will boost brand awareness and recall. Don’t forget to add your logo to your profile, along with links to your social media and website.
  • Encourage your viewers to take action and increase conversions by including a motivating call-to-action within each video and its description. Use Youtube’s card and annotation features to highlight your CTA and drive viewers onto the next step.

Boost search engine rankings

As a Google-owned platform, Youtube videos naturally rank highly in search result pages, but did you know that YouTube stands alone as the internet’s second largest search engine? Take advantage of this power to boost the online visibility of your business.

  • Optimise your video by using an accurate title that contains relevant keywords. Aim for around 70 characters to ensure your title isn’t truncated by search engines.
  • Use the description to provide further details and any keywords that you think will lead to better search results. But make sure you don’t sacrifice legibility – you should aim to inform your audience as well as search engines!
  • Grabbing the attention of users can be tricky, especially when there’s so much content vying for their attention. Instead of using a random frame from your video as a thumbnail, add an eye-catching image that provides viewers with a good idea of your video’s topic.
  • Finally, don’t forget to add tags to your video. Use any keywords used in your title and description, along with any other terms or phrases related to your topic. You could also use general industry keywords, providing they are related to the video.

Refine your content strategy

One of the key advantages of YouTube is its complete measurability. Using the Analytics panel in the Creator Studio, you can track the success of your videos in real-time. This insight can be used to guide your strategy, and enable you to refine and improve future content.

  • Audience retention: If viewers are closing your videos after just 15 seconds, head back to the drawing board and make your next video more attention-grabbing. If users stop watching halfway through, this may indicate that your videos are too long.
  • Engagement: Finding out how many users are liking, sharing or commenting on your videos will help you determine the content that your audience finds interesting and will allow you to weed out anything that isn’t working as part of the larger conversation.
  • Subscriber rates: Similarly, identifying which videos are making viewers subscribe to your channel will help you to perfect your winning formula.

Struggling to pin down your winning video content formula? Check out these tips for creating a more effective video for your business.

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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.