Stada Video Says Goodbye to One of Its Longest Serving Team Members

So far, this year has been full of exciting moments for Stada Video. As our video agency grows and develops, it is beginning to evolve and take a new shape. This month, we welcomed some fantastic new additions to our team. But, sadly, we also have to say goodbye to our Account Manager Hatty, who is moving onto pastures new.


Hatty was the company’s very first recruit. Therefore we could not let her leave without properly acknowledging her part in Stada Video’s history.


Hatty’s impact

Fresh from graduating university, Hatty joined our video agency on 3rd May 2014 as Production Coordinator. Over the years, she’s contributed to the production and distribution of countless video projects. For example, these range from television programmes and commercials to animations and corporate videos.

Always willing to go above and beyond, she has also dabbled in many more areas. For example, graphic design, scriptwriting, website maintenance, camera operation, editing and so much more.

Hatty has approached every project — large and small — with unfaltering enthusiasm. For instance, within her first year with the video agency, she played a pivotal role in setting up a Sky TV channel for one of our clients. As you can imagine, this was no small feat!


Moving up the ranks – and moving on

Fuelled with ambition and a ridiculous amount of Coke Zero, Hatty quickly worked through the ranks of our video agency. As Account Manager, she has provided an exceptional level of customer care to our clients. As a result, she has been adored by every single one. The fact that she is moving on to become Account Manager with Fox Agency, one of our long-standing clients, is really a testament to that!

Although she will be missed dearly by the entire team, we wish Hatty every success in the future!


If you’d like to learn more about what video could do for your business, get in touch with us about our video production services.

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