Video Marketing Roundup: May 2017

The online landscape is ever-changing. New devices, platforms and features are introduced on what feels like a daily basis.

Never fear. We’ve put together a roundup of five of this month’s biggest stories to help you stay ahead of the curve!

Twitter unveils 24/7 news streaming

Twitter has been experimenting with live video for some time and, after seeing some impressive results, they are now taking things to the next level. Their new 24/7 news video feed looks to satisfy users looking for a quick and easy way to consume news on the go. According to reports, the new video service will be ad supported which will give video marketers an exciting new opportunity to reach social users.

Facebook paves the way for live streaming sports

In a bid to further expand their video options, Facebook has signed a deal with Major League Baseball in the US. The integration of live streaming sports looks to target users who favour online viewing to traditional television. We expect that this is the first of many sports and events to be included on the platform — another exciting advertising opportunity for businesses!

Pinterest announces enhancements to promoted video ads

Pinterest is gearing up to cash in on the increasing popularity of video marketing with all new video features. All videos on the platform now play automatically within users’ feeds and video ads will begin to appear in search results and related recommendations. This is sure to have a positive impact on video marketing campaigns!

Instagram rolls out Location Stories and Hashtag Stories

Instagram have introduced two new ways for users to discover new content. Location Stories collects publicly posted Stories tagged with the same location sticker and Hashtag Stories — which is coming out very soon — aggregates public Stories containing the popular hashtags. These new features will provide marketers with a great way to reach users who aren’t currently following their profiles.

Snapchat introduces unlimited Snaps and other creative tools

In an effort to stay ahead of the game, Snapchat has unveiled a number of new features. Users now have the option to extend the viewing time for their snaps beyond the standard 24-hours, and can create looping videos much like Instagram’s Boomerang.

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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.