Video Marketing SEO Tips: How To Rank In Google Using Video

Optimising your videos for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) can work wonders for your engagement, traffic and sales. If you’re more visible to more people, you’ll reap the rewards of persevering with your SEO. But how is video SEO different to normal SEO? We’ll reveal all in this post, and offer our top video marketing SEO tips.


When you rank higher in search engines, more people will click on your site. Why? Because we’re lazy creatures, but also because we want to find an answer efficiently. Hardly anyone goes beyond the top few search results, and that’s a sad fact. However, it encourages everyone to up their game and aim to be the most optimised as possible.

The first step with any SEO is keyword research. What are people searching for that’s relevant to your products or services? What keywords are you currently ranking for? Once you know these two things, you’ll be able to formulate your next steps in cracking SEO.

However, in this post, we’re focusing on video in particular. Compared to a standard webpage, video has other elements to consider because it’s more than just text. So, you might want some handy tips on how to crack video SEO, too. Let’s dive right into our video marketing SEO tips!


Tip #1: Use captions

This is where video SEO collides with ‘normal’ SEO. Using captions on your video is basically like presenting the search engines with a piece of paper with a printed transcript of your video.

Instead of ‘watching’ your video to determine where it should rank, they’ll read this transcript instead. From here, they’ll be able to identify keywords and rank your content accordingly.

This is why, if you’re hoping to rank your video at the top of search results, it’s really important to consider creating captions. You can even create them automatically, saving you time transcribing the video yourself.

Using captions also makes your video more accessible to a wider audience. Firstly, because people with hearing impairments will be able to view your videos.

Secondly – sometimes people just don’t bother with sound. They’re scrolling through their feed, they see your video autoplaying, and watch it for a bit before either turning the sound on or moving on. Therefore, you’ve got to make sure they still understand your video content.

However, if for whatever reason you can’t or don’t want to use captions, there are other video marketing SEO tips to target your keywords.


Tip #2: Optimise your video’s title and description

The second of our video marketing SEO tips – another way to target your focus keywords through text. Think carefully about your title and description!

As well as targeting your keywords, also ensure your title remains engaging. Along with your video’s thumbnail (which we’ll cover in a moment), it’s the most important factor in whether people click. To make a title engaging, keep it short and to the point, but still including your top focus keyword(s).

As for your description, here’s where you can play around a little more. You have the opportunity to include a lot more of your relevant keywords.

However, you’ll still be providing your viewers with a genuine, helpful description of the video. Don’t turn your description into a keyword farm; it’s obvious to everyone, and you want to create human connections with your customers!


Tip #3: Create an eye-catching thumbnail

As you’ll see here, video marketing SEO tips aren’t ALL about keywords and phrases. It’s a huge part of it, but the next stage after getting search engines’ approval is getting viewers’. So, make sure your thumbnail is relevant and nice to look at.

You can achieve this in a couple of ways. One, you can easily grab a good screenshot from your video and place some graphics and text on it to catch the user’s attention.

Alternatively, you can go one step further and actually take a photograph for a much sharper and more appealing look. Video creators often cleverly make these videos look like actual screenshots from the video for more authenticity.

Furthermore, thumbnails are more successful when they include people. For example, Wistia experienced a 30% increase in play rate for videos with custom human thumbnails.

This and tip #2 are also good things to remember when posting video on social media. Find out more on increasing your social media engagement
using video here


Tip #4: Ensure the rest of the page is optimised, too!

This one is often forgotten in video marketing SEO tips. It’s no use having a super-optimised video on a webpage with no focus of its own. These two things have to correspond with one another, or Google just won’t pick it up. In fact, it deliberately won’t bother. Harsh, but true.

Therefore, make sure the page your video is on is also relevant to the keywords you’re trying to target. Secondly, make sure it relates to the video itself. When everything flows in a perfect rhythm, Google recognises that and rewards you with higher rankings!


Tip #5: Place the video you want to rank at the top of the page

Here’s a video marketing SEO tip you might not already know… Google typically indexes just one video per page. That means if you’ve got multiple videos on one page that you want to rank high… forget it!

Instead, keep your focus on one video and put it pride of place at the top of the webpage. This will show Google that it’s important content, as well as making it more likely that viewers will watch! If it’s lower down on the page, play rates and viewing times will be equally low.

For more on this, read our top 3 tips for effective website videos!


Have you learned something from our video marketing SEO tips? We hope it will help you achieve higher Google rankings with your videos. SEO can be a long game, but it’s worth it for the satisfaction and payoff of a flood of new customers!


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