Video Production Costs: The Stada Media Guide

From the outside, you might assume video production costs will always be high or even unattainable.


According to Buffer, 83% of marketers would increase their reliance on video as a marketing strategy if there were no obstacles like time, resources, and budget.

We’re happy to tell you that NONE of these are obstacles if you use a video production companyWe’ll create the highest quality video within your budget – WHATEVER that may be.

On top of this, video production costs vary dramatically between projects and video production companies. What one company may consider as a cheap video may be mid-range for another. This is why it’s important to be upfront about your budget with your video production agency at the start of your project.

So, what do current video production costs look like?


UK video production costs 2020

Being UK-based in Wakefield, we’ll be talking about the video production costs that apply here. However, the same basic factors apply across countries when considering what makes a cheaper or more expensive video.

In the UK, you can expect a professional video to cost anywhere between £300 and £25,000.

WOW – we know, that’s a big spectrum. But there are good reasons why one video might be worth the first number and the next might be worth the second.

What are they?


What are the factors in video production costs?

Here are the main factors that affect video production costs across the board:

Number of shooting days

Most videographers charge by the day. Therefore, the cost of your video will go up the more shooting days you require.

Motion graphics or animation

These features will require specialised skills, which automatically makes the price higher.

Even if it’s largely live-action, your video will often benefit from motion graphics or animation. These features bring up your production value.

However, the price will depend on whether the video has one or the other, or a mixture of both.

Filming locations and travel

Finding the right location for your video can be a tricky task. Your video production team may even have to hire it out to film. This is a given for a filming studio.

What’s more, travelling between filming locations will inevitably hike up the cost, whether it’s by public transport or car. As a result, your video production company will factor this into the cost from the very beginning.

Length of your video

Similar to shooting days, it makes sense that the longer your video is, the longer it will probably take to make it. This is especially true for live-action videos.

Therefore, the length of your video will inevitably contribute to the video production costs. These need to be used to reimburse the work and skills put into your video.

Learn more about how long the video production process takes here.


Why invest in a video production company?
You’re biased!

Firstly, your opinion is inevitably going to be in favour of your own video and products or services.

You need a team who can look at everything objectively, with quality at the forefront of their minds.

Latest practices

A video production company will have all the latest equipment and know current content marketing trends and techniques.

This will ensure your video keeps up, and hopefully surpasses, the competition.

You don’t want to be using outdated practices.

Marketing knowledge

Video production teams know about video marketing, too.

When shooting or animating, they’ll know exactly how to create maximum customer engagement and sales through the flow and messaging of the video. They’ll also know how to optimise your video for different channels, such as Instagram and Facebook. 

It takes a village!

It’s very unlikely that you’ll be an expert in every single aspect in the video production process. Strategy, scripting and storyboarding, logistical planning, casting, filming… it’s just not possible.

Even if you’ve dabbled in all of these, your skills won’t be on an equal level to an entire video production team. Plus, you want the highest quality video possible, right?

You won’t be wasting your own time

Handing it over to a video production company will free up valuable time for you to focus on your business. This will ensure your own work doesn’t fall by the wayside while we make your video.

Better lighting and sound

A self-shot video will most likely lack the latest video production equipment. It will also be missing the best techniques and knowledge that an experienced video production company will have.

By investing in a video production company, you will be ensuring your video is of the highest quality possible. This will then maximise your engagement.


As we’ve already stressed, a video production company is experienced and trained in creating the best possible video within your budget.

You won’t necessarily have a better video the more money you spend, either.

It’s just as much about the concept as it is about the resources available.


Stada Media’s key takeaways about video production costs
  • Video production is like a product. You’ll always get what you pay for, so it’s worth considering investing a little more into your video.
  • Don’t go around asking for prices without revealing your budget. You may be put off and assume you can’t have a video, when in reality you’ll still get a great video no matter how much money you have.
  • That being said, keep in mind that there will always be an absolute minimum price you need to pay if you want your video to be any good.
  • Video production costs have fallen dramatically over the years to keep up with the rise in popularity of using video for marketing.


Have we calmed your worries about video production costs? Interested in investing in a corporate video production agency with solid experience in creating ‘WOW’ through video?

Let’s talk here and we’ll come up with something really special for your business.

If you’re looking for more insight into video production or video marketing, look no further than our blog here.

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