Video Production For Technology Companies: 5 Great Examples

Video production is the perfect companion for software and technology companies. Why? Because video production for technology visualises the intangible and brings excitement to the ordinary.


If you’re a technology company, you might be struggling to communicate the effectiveness of your product to customers. It may simply be too difficult to get across how it works and describe its features in a presentation or text alone.

However, video can solve all of this for you. For example, you’re able to visualise your technology through sleek and memorable motion graphics. In addition, an engaging voiceover can align with these visuals and verbally explain how it works. Straight away, video production for technology is much more effective at sticking in viewers’ brains than text or images by themselves.


But why is using video production for technology so important?

People don’t want to invest in a piece of (probably expensive) technology until they’re absolutely confident. Confident that it won’t break on them, won’t let them down in an emergency and will achieve the desired results. They might not get this confidence with content that lacks ‘oomph’; content that’s simply not transparent, comprehensive or impactful enough. Makes sense, really.

Therefore, you know what comes next: video must be brought in to save the day! After all, a massive 74% of marketers say video has a better return on investment than static imagery.

So, we’re about to run through 5 examples of video production for technology, by us, for our clients. Could you be echoing what they do here in your own video marketing?


1. Minster Law – Personal injury claims portal

Minster Law wanted to explain their personal injury claims portal to current and future customers. There was only one thing for it – an engaging explainer video that would run through usage and benefits.

This video production for technology uses motion graphics to symbolise the different actions and processes involved in the portal. In addition, an engaging voiceover guides the viewer verbally through the process.

As a result of this video, Minster Law is now able to explain its product much more effectively through moving visual aids. It now acts as a very useful sales and marketing tool, freeing up precious company time in other areas!


2. Radar Healthcare – Healthcare quality and compliance software

If you’re a business in the healthcare industry, give video a go to improve your communication with customers. Your audience is probably made up of very busy professionals who can’t spare enough time to read reams of text. Therefore, you’ve got to make your content digestible – and video does just that!

For instance, Radar Healthcare specialises in healthcare quality and compliance software. Their system helps healthcare professionals, such as GPs, achieve better patient outcomes in their organisations. This particular healthcare video explains how Radar Healthcare’s technology helps staff to deliver the NHS’s objectives by using the software.

There are a lot of facets to Radar Healthcare’s platform. As a result, delivering these in text or image form only might have been confusing and offputting to busy practice managers and GPs. Therefore, Radar Healthcare needed a step up from this to showcase its product as clearly and effectively as possible. The answer? Video production for technology!

Similar to the first example, this explainer video uses visually appealing motion graphics to communicate the software.


3. Yalgo – Augmented reality loyalty and rewards platform for shops and restaurants

The Yalgo app uses augmented reality and rewards to help customers find independent businesses near them. For example, shops, restaurants and the service sector. Meanwhile, it also helps these businesses connect with customers.

Yalgo needed an engaging and digestible piece of visual content to explain how its app worked quickly and effectively. Obviously, this could only be video production for technology!

Like the previous two examples, Yalgo’s explainer video for retail and hospitality businesses uses motion graphics to bring its app to life through video. This makes learning about what the app does and how it works much more engaging.


4. Ezi-Dock – Industrial packaging solutions

Ezi-Dock provides industrial packaging solutions through innovative technology. This subject area may seem a little dry to some at first, especially to those outside the industry. However, video production for technology can help to spice it up!

In this video, we used 3D animation and an energetic voiceover to bring excitement to complex technology. It’s often only with this high-quality and immersive visualisation that this kind of product can make an impact. As a result, Ezi-Dock can entice more customers and keep them interested for longer.


5. EMIS Health – Electronic patient record systems and software

Finally, we have EMIS Health. As you can probably guess from the name, EMIS Health is another business in the healthcare sector.

Similar to Radar, EMIS helps healthcare professionals achieve better patient outcomes through a more organised digital system. Their software helps GPs and the like to organise patient records and data in a paperless and stress-free way.

This explainer video we created for them helps to run through how that works. In addition, it explains how these professionals can use it for the benefit of their organisation.

Like the majority of the videos in this list, this video uses motion graphics to spark life into complex ideas. This allows audiences to visualise what the software does much more clearly. As a result, with this video production for technology, EMIS can expect to achieve a lot more customer conversions!


If you’re a technology company looking for a way to improve the way you market your products, we hope these examples of video production for technology have been helpful. With its clever combination of sight, sound and emotion, video marketing can truly start something special for your business.


Why not found out what that could be? Get in touch with Stada Media today for bespoke video production from your friendly team of experts based in Wakefield.

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