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Bespoke video services that will get you noticed.

Stada Media offer the full corporate video production service – from coming up with the big idea, through to creating head-turning video and helping you find your audience.  

There’s more to video than meets the eye, and it’s our job to guide you and provide the best tools to deliver the very best results for your creative project.



Fully-fledged, professionally-filmed videos, featuring talented performers and the ideal location.

From impressive corporate films to interesting case studies and ‘how-tos’, we’ll have all the right ideas for your live-action video.


Create a whole new world for your brand to play-in with animation! Fun characters, vibrant colours, and easily digestible video are all what makes animation appealing.

For an even bigger WOW effect, consider 3D animation for an immersive experience that will definitely turn your customers’ heads

Motion Graphics

It’s graphic design with life breathed into it – and it could be the perfect way to drive traffic to your brand.

We’ll create unique animations for your business, using imagery that’s appealing and the ideal fit for your brand.

3D Visualisation

Got a product that you want your audience to see in a whole new light – one that will make them say ‘WOW’?

3D visualisation is the answer. Our talented team will use 3D modelling to craft an eye-popping replication of your product and give it a whole new lease of life.

Live Streaming

Today it’s all about what’s happening NOW – and the best way to present this is through a livestream that people will interact and engage with.

We’ll help you livestream your event on social media and amplify your online presence.

Graphic Design

Before any of our video projects are possible, we go to our creative team to craft an original and striking concept that speaks to your goals and that your audience will love.

With good video also comes good design – and we have this talent on hand too to ensure everything looks visually at its best.

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How much does a corporate video cost?

A corporate video can be as low as £500 or as high as £50k+.

On average, a 2-3 minute corporate video distributed online usually costs between £1,500 and £5,000.

When costing a video, we take into account the time and resources needed for the project.

Whatever your budget, we’ll create and offer the highest-quality video production service we possibly can within your price range that will achieve your goals and take your business to the next level.

The video production process

When we do video, we do it properly.
This means breaking the process up into clear stages that will help the video be the best it can be.

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1. Conversation / The Brief

First, we’ll talk to you at length about what you want out of your video, what you do and don’t like, and any limitations there may be. We’ll also thoroughly get to know your business, so much so that it will feel like we are a part of your team. This helps us to deliver the absolute best results at the end of the video project.

2. Creative

This is perhaps the most important stage in our process. For a great video, there first needs to be a BIG IDEA. And guess what? We’ve got lots of ’em! Our team sits down, brainstorms, and sketches out an original and exciting concept that promises results.

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3. Production

The bit you can’t wait for – creating your video! We have great talent in-house to shoot or animate your video and bring the big idea to life. We handle the logistics, such as location, casting, and shooting schedule. Trust us, it’s in our hands.

4. Revisions

Revisions are what makes the best videos possible. After seeing the first edit, you will most likely have amends to suggest – and that’s great! This means we can make the video just right for you. At this stage we’ll spend time talking to you about your thoughts and responding to your feedback.

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5. Delivery

Finally, like a package sealed up for dispatch, it’s time to get your video ready for distribution. For example, this may involve creating extra, shorter social media edits of your video. We’ll also target the best channels for distribution so your video will always be where your audience is.

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How to make your corporate videos more interesting
Businesses’ approach to making corporate video is moving away from the traditional and towards methods that make their videos more appealing, engaging and memorable .

What you might think of as the most boring subject has potential to be visually very interesting if you give it to someone with the know-how!

Your video needs to stand out in a very crowded room – and we mean VERY crowded. The digital world is so concentrated with the same-old, same-old that you need an original idea that will make your corporate video not feel like a ‘corporate’ video at all.

Here are some key points to get you started:

Location and background.

The right setting will catch people’s eyes and elevate your corporate video before they even click play. Think carefully about backdrop, and whether you want to film in a studio or on location.

Use storytelling to get your message across.

Emotion is the #1 factor driving our purchase decisions, so why not harness this and present a brilliant story that will tug on viewers’ heartstrings?

Combine powerful audio and visuals.

The magic of video is the way it combines these two elements. Make them both as impactful as possible, and watch your engagement shoot up.

Highlight customer benefits.

The surefire way to keep someone watching your corporate video is to tell them how you can solve their problems. Identify your audience’s ‘pain points’ and shine a light on your solutions to these in your video.

Corporate video doesn’t have to be all drab and dreary offices and board meetings.

An expert video production service can find the ‘WOW’ in absolutely anything – and with the help of the elements above, it can really boost your business’ sales and reputation.

Top video production tips
#1 Understand the video process

Video production isn’t simply setting up a camera and rolling. It involves careful thought and planning, the right equipment and location, and amazing editing to do the footage and pre-planning real justice. Following the stages outlined above, we can promise your video won’t be just another quick and shabby job thrown on the pile.

#2 Start with your story

What is your company all about? How did you get to where you are now? What are your goals for the future? What do you believe in? These are all key things we need to know about your business before we can produce a video that achieves your aims. Harness what makes your company unique, and you’re onto a winner.

#3 Know your budget up-front

The most useful, practical piece of information you can give us is your budget. This will tell us how much we’ll be able to pull off with your video and what kinds of elements we’re able to include. However, this DOESN’T mean that the less money you have, the less ‘WOW’ your video will possess. We’re experts, and because of that we know exactly how to make the most of a budget to offer the very best production within it.

What next?
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Get in touch and let’s talk about your requirements, key objectives and video brief.

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We’ll then formulate some brilliant ideas to get the best results from your video project.

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Providing the best possible price that is competitive, fits with your budget and offers the best value.